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Freshman Volleyball Star will Go Far



The energy in the arena is electric as the crowd roars with excitement, watching our Greenway girls confidently stride onto the volleyball court. As they skillfully execute the perfect passes, set up their plays, and send the ball soaring across the net with a powerful swings, fans leap to their feet, awestruck by their impressive displays of athleticism. This is the kind of exhilarating experience that defines Haidyn Nelson’s world.

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Haidyn Nelson is currently a freshman at Greenway High School and a valuable member of the varsity volleyball team. She has a passion for volleyball that is unmatched, and she has been practicing and refining her skills for years. Nelson was inspired by her mother and sisters, who played the sport with great passion and skill, and she quickly fell in love with it as well.

Throughout her volleyball career, Nelson has played for multiple club teams and has made a significant impact on her high school team. She is an incredibly hard worker and always strives to improve both on and off the court. Nelson’s family’s passion for volleyball has fueled her own love for the sport, and she hopes to continue playing at the college level in the future.











Before her high school career, Nelson was a standout player on the volleyball team at Desert Foothills Middle School. She is a natural athlete, having also played softball and done gymnastics in the past. Despite her busy schedule, Nelson remains dedicated to her academics and has maintained straight-A grades.

Nelson, the only freshman on the varsity team, faces immense pressure to perform at her best. Nonetheless, she remains focused and determined to excel in all aspects of her life. Nelson’s athleticism and dedication have awed fans, earning her the admiration of her peers and coaches alike.










Brooklyn Witt, Nelson’s best friend, provides unwavering encouragement in every aspect of her life. Brooklyn is a member of the highly skilled 9-10 volleyball team and is always there to cheer Haidyn on and help her overcome any challenges that come her way. She is a true friend and teammate who embodies the values of loyalty, dedication, and kindness.

Nelson is fortunate to have a strong support system consisting of her family, friends, and teammates.











“Haidyn is not only kind, but also hard working and optimistic,” Sophomore Luna Garcias said. 

“Haidyn is a confident player and a great friend. She is great on and off the court, and many people look up to her,” Sophomore Kal-El Randof said.

Coach Nelson, varsity volleyball coach, shared her thoughts about Haidyn’s performance. As a coach and not just a mom, she is very impressed with Haidyn’s dedication and work ethic. She noted that Haidyn always puts in 100% effort, maintains her focus, and consistently demonstrates a positive attitude. Coach Nelson’s feedback speaks volumes about Haidyn’s character and commitment to her sport.











Haidyn’s dedication and positive attitude have undoubtedly earned her the respect and admiration of those around her. As a team, we are proud to have Haidyn as a part of our team and look forward to watching her succeed both on and off the court. She is a truly remarkable individual who possesses several admirable qualities and is destined for greatness. 






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