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Dylan’s Stress is Done When he Runs



Chest heavy, legs almost giving out, rapid uncontrolled breathing. He’s tired and wants to give up but he can’t stop: he won’t stop. Not until he reaches that finish line. Dylan Marquez, the next big star, is only a freshman and is already on the varsity team for cross country. Many people think that cross country is such an easy sport, but actually, it is way more challenging than people think. 

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“Cross country hasn’t been all that challenging,” Marquez said. “Well now it is way more challenging since I’m on the varsity team, but I love a good challenge.”













Ever since he was in elementary school Dylan has always loved to run. He was in sports that would involve running such as basketball, soccer, and even football, yet cross country had caught his eye. Sun valley academy was Dylan’s elementary school, and unlike many schools, they unfortunately did not have cross country. It was not until he went to Desert Foothills Junior High school where he would be introduced to cross country. It was that 7th grade year that would change everything for Dylan. During Dylan’s two years of middle school, he had won 13 medals and placed 1st in district, that was only middle school! He would soon find out that he actually loves running.

“For me, running is like a huge stress reliever, so after a race I always feel amazing,” Marquez said.

So far, Dylan has run about 12 races and has managed to place top 3 in all of them, apart from his recent race – Mt Carmel – in which he placed 8th. Now that’s pretty impressive, but despite being such a good runner, he still has his moments where he may feel discouraged.

“There have been times where I would doubt myself and that would be during the line up,” Marquez said. “I would always question myself if I was faster than that person, or if there was someone in front of me, I would wonder if I could even catch up to them.” Although the athlete has had these thoughts, he never really minded them much because he knew what he was capable of.

“As long as I give it my all, even if I’m not 1st place, I know I tried my very best, and that’s all that matters to me,” Marquez said. Dylan is not really focused on whether he gets first or last, like most people, he’s only worried about if he does his best and gives it his all.

Being such a big star it’s hard to keep yourself motivated and running, but not for Dylan, especially when he has such a supportive fanbase. Dylan’s family and friends are always there to support Dylan no matter what.

”My family goes to all my meets, and my dad also did cross country, so he gives me tips on how I can improve,” Marquez said. Not only does his family and friends support him, but even his teammates do. 

“When I first started, my teammates saw the potential in me, so they pushed me and helped me improve so I could be the best. They even go to all my races,” Marquez said.









Not only is the athlete such a star at running, he’s also a star in his academics. Running can take up a lot of time, especially the way he trains, but Dylan always has time for his school work. He has manage do keep his grades up. He says that sometimes the classes can get challenging, but this is nothing new to him: the athlete loves a good challenge.

Even though Dylan is such a good runner right now he says that he likes to look back and see where he started from.

“I definitely have improved from 7th grade by a lot, and I’m still improving,” Marquez said. Improvement is one of Dylan’s things that he is really big on.“I’m always looking for new ways to improve, whether that’s on my running technique or my mindset.”

Just being “good” or “ok” is never enough for Dylan; he wants that title of being the best. In order to be the best, you have to train yourself and push yourself. The athlete has come a long way, he started in a sport that he thought was just easy. Now he’s fully dedicated to it.

“Dylan isn’t the average freshman:  he’s always ready for the challenge, and he has what it takes to become the best,” Cross Country Coach Giddings said.

In the end, Dylan is an amazing runner, and many people are impressed with his skills and what he can do. The athlete himself never knew he would ever get this far, and now he’s excited to see what challenges cross country will bring him. 

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