What Kind of Fruit Makes You Toot?


Shyanne Harrison





Everyone knows Buzzfeed. We’ve all taken, or have been forced to take, one of their quizzes. My personal favorite has to be “What Type of Element Are You?”.  Basically, just read each fruit’s personality, and see which one fits you and the rest of your friend group the best. You might find these descriptions to be sweet and juicy. 

Strawberries: This person is just the sweetest. They will do anything for anyone to make them feel good about their day. Whether it’s giving help on some homework, doing community service, or just lending a shoulder to cry on, they will be there for you. They can’t handle pressure very well, and are huge advocates against peer pressure. Mental health is one of their main priorities. However, don’t catch them on a bad day, though they will try their best to be nice as usual, they can tend to let a mean comment or two out.








Orange: This person has a wall put up for everyone they meet; however, with some work, you can get through them. If this happens, they become the sweetest person ever. They may dress a bit dark, but inside they are a ray of sunshine. They are always hungry, food is their best friend. They are also an amazing cook, and love to cook for their closest friends and family. They may even bring some food to share with their friends. They are easily the train wreck of the group, yet they still try to give advice to others.









Apple: This person is a nerd or a teacher’s pet. Depending on what kind of “apple” you talk to, they can be sour, like a granny smith, or sweet. They are the poster child for a student. Never disruptive, always turns in their work when due, if not sooner, and is always wanting to help out around the classroom. School is easily their favorite place, second being the library. They love reading, practically the only thing this person will do outside of schoolwork. They probably have dreams of going to Harvard or Yale or a different IVY league school.








Lemon: This person is a good friend at heart, but hates to show it. They show their thoughts through anger and have probably punched a wall or two, or have even gotten into a few fights. They are still loved by friends, and love them back, even if they don’t show it very often. When they do try, however, they don’t express their emotions or thoughts very well. They have a very dark sense of humor, that sometimes only they find funny. They also possibly listen to My Chemical Romance or Olivia Rodrigo’s album titled Sour.







Grapes: This is the Regina George of the school, though they might be way nicer. They’re really popular; they know almost everyone in the school, and all the gossip. The pink drink from Starbucks is their staple drink. They follow the latest trend in their aesthetic, most likely Y2K. This person always travels in a pack, since they’re a huge social butterfly. They will never be seen alone. They are also amazingly good at make-up, and can turn anyone from “trash to fash.”