Knock Knock- It’s All About TikTok

Talk of the town is that new TikTok sound!

Knock Knock- Its All About TikTok

Mia Hernandez





At least one billion people nationwide use TikTok, and it has been the most downloaded since Snapchat. Even though Covid caused everyone to quarantine at home, TikTok was the app that allowed people around the world to interact with one another. From there, TikTok became the most popular app in the world. Almost everyone could agree the app can be very addicting, but why? What makes this app so attractive?





“I think TikTok has gained popularity because largely the videos are just silly stuff that make people laugh. The whole world has been so intense for the last two years that people just need stupid videos to laugh and decompress at the end of the day.  I’ve made more connections with other teachers this school year sharing TikToks than I have in many years of teaching,” Hospitality teacher Mr. Dudo said.





Before TikTok was its name, the app was once called Musically. Musically was a popular app for a short period of time, but soon lost popularity. When covid hit, everyone was in quarantine bored out of their mind without much to do. Suddenly, TikTok became the top trending app on people’s phone. The renegade was one of the most popular dances going around. Screen to screen, there were new dances or sounds growing bigger everyday on TikTok. The app had already been so evolved, even celebrities were hoping onto these trends. But what do people have to say about this new addicting app?






“It can make people feel insecure about themselves,” Sophomore Mac Hayes said. Body shaming has been one of the negative sides on TikTok. It is not displayed everywhere on the app, but some do make comments about the appearance of others making them feel self-conscious.

As TikTok grew more and more, it was the thing people referenced almost everything to. Some people used it to cope, some wanted to learn something new, and for others, it was just for entertainment purposes.

“TikTok is a big part since Covid because you find something new to do, and you can make friends with people,” Freshman Alexavier Martinez said.

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TikTok is used for any and all different content. People are able to learn something new everyday, like cooking, life hacks and content on how to get someone’s attention. People find these types of videos to be very helpful. It also allows for new opportunities or being an “influencer” to the public.

“I do have TikTok but only for watching. I do think it influences people whether it be a life hack or social view,” Science Teacher Ms. Kestle said.

TikTok is in view to almost everyone, and even has celebrities hopping on trends. One after another, people saw Jason Derulo making dances with his girlfriend or Kylie Jenner posting sound-overs of her family. The app had become so greatly known. Celebrities contribute to the app because it is a “quick app to look into their lives and get to know them more, the content is absorbed at a rate,” Sophomore Ariana Figueroa said.
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Overall, TikTok is now a worldwide app that entertains different age groups in both a good and bad ways. It is a big part of today’s society and is likely to be grow more over the years and continue to influence new opportunities for people to progress in certain areas. The day this app becomes less than what it is now would be a blow to the world.