Childhood Goals Change with Time on a Dime

Childhood Goals Change with Time on a Dime

Alexa Kachanuk





We all had dreams when we were young- when we were in kindergarten we wanted to be famous rockstars, third grade we wanted to be teachers, sixth grade we dreamt of being doctors, by eighth grade we had all developed our own thoughts and dreams. Our dream futures varied from NBA all stars to veterinarians to billionaire geniuses. Now we’re in high school meeting with our counselors planning out what our life will look like as we get closer to graduating.










“I hope they wouldn’t be disappointed in me and accept my flaws,” Sophomore Melaina Harris said. A lot of teens and young adults feel as if they are disappointing their inner child by not following through with their childhood goals, or not being who they thought they would be.

Sophomore Chalysta Aaronson said that she became the became the opposite of who she wanted to be, or expected to be.










When we were young we had big dreams, and now that we are older we have come to our senses, matured, and found our passions. Some of us still have the same aspirations and goals that we had from a young age.

“When I was younger I knew from the age of 8 I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to be an artist; there was just some sort of calling I felt from doing these artistic things. Music has always called for my name,” Senior Damien Ybarra said.











Other students changed their minds and are happy about it and strongly feel their past self would still cheer them on no matter what decisions they’ve made, Sophomore Julie Zaragoza said she wanted to be an artist and is now on track to becoming a psychiatrist and says little Julie would be so proud of her present self.







Thinking about who we wanted to be when we were young we think about Hannah Montana, or the neighbor next door that was a few years older, but we never guessed we are now who we used to want to be. “She would probably be so happy with the person I turned out to be. I am my dream self that little me wanted to always become” Zaragoza said.

“There’s so much to take for granted when you’re young and you don’t realize it till you’re older,” Sophomore Isabelle Martinez said.










“In all honesty, my kindergarten self would be star stuck by me today. Mostly because she was easy to please, but she would think it was so cool that I’m doing all I’m doing. She would see my math homework and pretend to faint at how confusing it all seemed, and then be shocked when I knew how to do it. She would see how much more social I’ve grown to be, and meet my friends and love them all. At the same time, little me would be a bit overwhelmed at all that’s to come for her,” Martinez said.

Looking back it is hard to think about why we all rushed into growing up, literally who would want to rush to get this much homework..everyday. Now all we want to do is go back and hug ourselves for just a minute and tell them not to rush, there’s no need to grow up just yet.