One of Wrestling’s Pros is that Confidence Grows


Arthur Hatton




After four years of hard work, the time is set and with the mat out and center. The people are pouring into the stands as you get ready to display all the blood and sweat you put into the program over the years. The lights are on  for you to wrestle the last match of your high school experience.

When looking for a reason to join for some there are many good ones and others are reluctant, yet for some not only has it made a difference in their lives but they pulled skills from wrestling. Some made bonds and memories to keep through the years with some of the strongest and most determined people around to contribute.










Demon alumni wrestler Travis Toffee said, ¨Wrestling was cool, I got into it so I could hang out with my friends after school cuz I was bored and had nothing else to do. I would recommend it over any other sport, but it depends on what you’re comfortable with. I believe it had a positive effect on my willpower and motivation. I’d do it again if I had the chance, it taught me more about myself than anything else could have at the time and was some of the most fun I had during high school.¨ This is one of many ways wrestling can impact you and that goes with anything that comes with hard work and determination you see results and a better version of yourself.










“While I did not wrestle in high school, my coaches in football and track and field would always have me set personal goals,” Mr. Irwin said, ” Usually, they had to do with bettering times getting fewer penalties. The biggest influence in getting me to coach wrestling is working with coach Luckenbill. When he hired me to do the wrestling team’s strength and conditioning, we sat down and looked at his old workouts from wrestling at ASU and converted them into workouts that would be appropriate for high school. I decided to coach initially once I decided to be a teacher. It is a great way for teachers to be involved on campus beyond their classroom and to help build character and life habits beyond the classroom. Most of my coaching has been with team sports and working with wrestling has shown me how athletes who must compete individually still need a team to accomplish their goals.”










Greenway’s strong class of seniors of 2022 has different styles, yet they have a lot of speed and determination even with our freshman class going 17-0 with 3 undefeated wrestling champions.

Elena Hernandez tells what she so far has gotten from the great sport, “Wrestling has allowed me to gain more overall confidence. I’ve also made lots of friends and have made amazing memories through the seasons. Yes, I definitely would recommend wrestling to others. I wish I were told I should’ve gotten in better shape before joining. The best advice was to just have fun and not take it too seriously. My goal was just to compete and better myself physically and mentally.” Even while being serious it’s one of the most fun and interesting sport with constant involvement and work towards being better.










If you consider yourself a very competitive person that loves action and high speeds this sport is your dream. Movement is key and nothing may be easy, yet you get better every time you keep trying. Future MMA fighter and Greenway alumni Paul Marghitas said, “The biggest impact it left on me is that everything else in life is easy. Wrestling is the hardest sport in the world and she’s a ruthless mistress that doesn’t care about anything . I think it gave me the right mentality on life. That it’s hard and unfair. Things will happen that shouldn’t and even when you work yourself to the bone sometimes things don’t go as planned. It transfers to the real world cause I fight so use it every day. I would for sure strongly recommend it to others yet I wish I was told to work on conditioning more.” Life is gonna throw many curves and changes your way physical and mentally but after all that work the bigger problems seem smaller.










Alumni Ricardo Hernandez said, “Since it’s both a physical and mental sport it really made my mind stronger. And I’d say as for the real world, for being in the military, having past wrestling’s history does help prepare you in a way for it. I definitely would recommend it to everyone because it just helps build you both mentally and physically. I wish I was told how much of a slay it was going to be just to prepare myself better. The best advice as a player I’ve been given was to always have heart. When I was younger my goal in wrestling was to just always get better and try to win. I’d expect to learn something new each day and how to be better. I’m the first in my family to wrestle. Wrestling was my first contact sport. I want to eventually go out for the marine corps wrestling team.” 

There are so many positive draws from wrestling with them all bettering you as a person and athlete to keep the stronger and more in touch with yourself it could end up doing wonders for yourself just like everyone here has gotten.