Students Strive to Drive

Students Strive to Drive

Victor Flores




A 16 year old student waits for his permit to come in through the mail. He just did the test yesterday and is waiting to get the amazing piece of paper that says that he can finally be behind the wheel of his mom’s purple Honda Civic. This is the feeling that most teenagers want to feel, the feeling of having control over the car. So, this article will show and tell the experience of getting a license or permit from real people that have gone through the same process.






The process of getting a driver license is no easy task. There’s the process of just learning how to drive in the first place and just convincing someone to sacrifice their car to let someone can learn the basics of how to drive. Then they have to study the signs and symbols on the roads to understand how the roads merge and when to slow down or stop at certain times. According to Kathy Kristof of CBS News’ article More than 4 in 10 people fail driving test, “…only 56 percent of respondents could get the 80 percent score required to pass.”






There are many ways to prep someone’s way to getting a higher chance of passing their drivers test. For example, someone can obviously practice as much as they can to get better behind the wheel.

 “When I was first starting to learn how to drive, I would go to my local church parking lot on Saturday’s,” Sophomore Jadon Eastwood said. Find parking lots with very little to none cars in there, also someone might want to bring some kind soft boundaries like cones to practice parking and turning corners. When just starting to learn how to drive, someone should have another person that already knows how to drive, for example, a parent or guardian. This will help them learn the basics of learning how to drive and get more comfortable.






Another thing to make the learning experience better is safety. When just starting out to learn how to drive people should always have their seat belt on, this will lower people’s chance of extremely dangerous injuries. Remember, if you are just learning how to drive then you should take it slow, you are in no rush so take your time when learning to, for example, turn a left corner. Make sure to always keep your eyes on the road, this is very important. If don’t have your eyes glued to whats ahead of you then this can lead you and your car to drive into a object, like a pole or curb. And finally, stay calm. Staying calm will help you concentrate and not get distracted when practicing; this will also help you when your on the road with cars flying by in traffic.

“Staying calm is always important when driving, even just relaxing to music when driving can help you,” Sophomore Payton Diprimio said.






When learning how to drive make sure to practice and always be safe. But, learning how to drive is a one in a life time experience. When learning to drive there is one important thing, enjoy the experience. Training yourself to drive is one of the very many steps of becoming more independent; even getting your parents to help you improve on driving skills can help bond you closer to your parents. So, when learning how to drive enjoy the moment, its most likely that you may not experience ever again.