These Movies are Groovy

These Movies are Groovy

Tony Marques




ve to talk about how to watch a movie like what snacks do you like to have? Do you watch at home, at a cinema, or drive thru? What is the best way to watch a movie? I personally like to watch movies at the theater as it makes the movie more enjoyable and who doesn’t like to have a big screen?! There is also drive in which can be enjoyable if you’re just trying to chill, but it’s hard to see the movie and not as comfortable as being at the movies. Watching at home is something that you do as a last resort! Sure, you can enjoy it on your couch and just relax and do whatever whilst watching, but it doesn’t feel the same as having a large movie with you where the speakers are put up to the max! Now, for those who are saying “but the movie theater scams you for snacks” or “It’s not even that much better and it’s too loud” I don’t think you understand the BEAUTY of going to the movies.


First, we debate to see what was the best horror movie of this year. Not many came out this year, but the best ones were The Forever Purge, The conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Halloween Kills, and Quiet Place 2. These movies were the most notable of this years releases, mostly because they were fun, thrilling, psychological, and had a good story to it. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It was a very great way to introduce witchcraft and real aspects of the adventures done by Ed and Lorraine Warren and show that horror movies can not just be scary, but can deal with psychological problems. Halloween Kills was more of a movie to cheer for the people and destroy hopes at the end, but it had an overall good story and did pretty solid with the horror aspect. The Forever Purge was just overall boring and was not even CLOSE to being a good movie; for those who say it’s good, go watch A Quiet Place 2 and then come back and talk about good. Now for a Quiet Place 2! The movie was…………..AMAZING. I feel that it turned the whole horror thing into consideration, but also added a fun story that made it really worthwhile and the scary parts were ACTUALLY startling.

Second is the debate of which Action movie was the best of this year. For this, there will be no marvel movie as I believe that needs its own category. The movies mentioned here are Tenet, Fast and Furious 9, Free Guy, Suicide Squad, and Snake Eyes. I believe these are the best o this year, but only one of them can win! While Tenet was a really enjoyable movie, it was very weird in it’s topic and apparently was about “Global Warming” although I personally saw no connection with it. Furious 9 was just overall a mid movie with a mid plot, mid character development, mid jokes, mid action, and mid villain so it was just a mid movie. Suicide Squad though was just very funny and entertaining! I enjoyed the movie to the very end and think it deserved more love than it did. Snake Eyes was an enjoyable movie, but suffered in plot as it was irrelevant from time to time and could’ve used better moments that impacted the movie a lot.

Lastly, what was the best Marvel movie released? The nominees for this one are Shang-Chi, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Black Widow. Don’t get me wrong, all these movies were great and are all worth watching, but there is only enough space for 1 winner for this. While Shang-Chi was very heavy on action, it had a great amount of story telling with great jokes and was an overall great movie to learn about the hero. Black Widow was heavy on action, but had presented itself greatly and did not disappoint in the slightest when it came to the action and heartwarming moments. Now, Venom was a very fun movie to watch and recommend it for something to watch with the family, but I feel as though it was not able to let out its full potential and was not as good as the original.