Demon Educators Swarm to Explain Why our Planet is Warm






Climate change has been a huge global issue for decades. Many are unconcerned about how it can affect our future and some are even unaware of what contributes to climate change. Science teacher Mr. Feiring said that human activity is one of the main contributors to climate change. With the production of energy and consumption of fossil fuels, it emits carbon emissions into the air, trapping heat into our atmosphere. So it’s our responsibility to find solutions to eliminate carbon emissions and find another alternative energy.







Our constant consumption of fossil fuels releases carbon emissions which pollute the air and ends up trapping heat into the atmosphere.

“People don’t understand that prior changes in Earth’s climate have taken place gradually over millennia,” Science teacher Ms. Nelson said. Of course, these shifts in temperatures and weather are natural but ever since the start of the Industrial Age, human activity has been the biggest contributor to climate change.








What some people don’t realize is how big of an issue climate change is and the long and short-term impacts along with it. The biggest risk the world faces is the failure to reduce and adapt to climate change. “Some of the long-term effects that result from climate change are rising sea levels as polar ice caps melt,” Mr. Feiring said. Ice caps melt, sea levels rise, hurricanes become more intense, wildfires progress, all unfortunate results of climate change.

Some people recognize the issue with climate change and believe it’s the government’s responsibility to deal with climate change by enacting new regulations to help produce a more safe and healthier environment.






“In the past, the U.S. government has implemented policies to promote a healthy planet. The government has given subsidies to solar energy companies, set fuel standards for vehicles, and offered financial assistance to automakers with the goal of creating zero-emissions vehicles,” Government Teacher Mr. Jarrell said. With climate change being such a major global issue, an international treaty was formed in 2015, known either as the Paris Agreement or Paris Accords. This international treaty aids in the financing of climate change, carbon reduction, and adaptation.








Each year brings in new ideas and breakthroughs of the development and distribution of renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind. “Electricity is a viable source of energy as well as solar and wind,”  Mr. Feiring said. Along with that, wind and solar are becoming cheaper and cheaper and wildly accepted by businesses and consumers. There is of course more than just finding new alternative energies to reduce carbon pollution. Science teacher Mrs. Nelson said that reducing our use of fossil fuels, replanting lost forests because trees capture and trap carbon dioxide while we search for alternative clean energy sources.

It’s essential that more people realize the issue at hand and move to improve the planet. While the trees do their job, it’s ours to find alternative clean energy sources.