Don’t be Fooled There are Many Ways to Get to School


Alexis Mcdonald





Houses around me, sky blue, everyone is tired and cold. There are many different ways people get to school. Some have no option on the way they get to school, but others have an option. A lot of students ride the bus to school in the morning. They most likely have to ride the bus because I am pretty sure most students would not want to ride the bus to school every morning. Some students only ride the bus sometimes because some people like me, their parents have a week day off and can take them to school. Some people walk, some people get dropped off by their parents or a sibling or even a friend.

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Not everyday is the same getting to school, some days students wake up late and have to rush. Some days students wake up earlier and have some extra time. Some days something funny happens going to school. It might not be funny in the moment but gets funnier later on. “I had 55 minutes to school because the bus driver left me,” Junior Connor Humphrey said. That is an example of waking up late, and it wasn’t funny in the moment walking to school. I bet he was pretty mad, but now he can look back and laugh.

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“I tripped while getting on the bus and I busted my face,” Sophomore Lily Mangum said.

A lot of kids ride the bus to school, but a lot of kids would like to get a ride. Yes, there are those kids where they would like to ride the bus or walk or whatever. Most kids do not want to get to school the way they have too, Some kids have an option on how they get to school. Most do not though, most kids the way they get to school, that is their only way. Jazlin Blanco said she would rather ride the bus to school than get a ride or walk to school.

In the “What transportation do students use to get to school” article it stated, “Many children take a bus to and from school. Some children walk or bike to school. Some parents drive their children to school. Some children take public transportation.”

I know there is some kids that use public transportation because they live too far from the school, so they cannot walk. Their parents cannot take them either, and they want go to Greenway they have to take public transportation.

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“I just got to school to get dropped off and I realized I forgot my backpack and then I had to go all the way back home to get my backpack,” Freshman Jazmyne Cordero said.

In the article “Traveling to school: transportation selection by parents and awareness towards sustainable transportation:” it stated, ” The most common mode of transport comprises vehicles driven by parents to school. Driving to school was the most common selection for both primary¬† and secondary school students at 50%.”

Whether you ride the bus, ride with a friend, walk, bike, whatever it might be we’re all making an effort to come to school safely.