Some Students Prefer Online Every Time

Some Students Prefer Online Every Time

Mahdi Ghaleb





School is obviously very important and deciding what type of school someone wants to do is a big factor in their education. Some like online and some like in person. There are advantages to both, but it’s mostly a personal preference.

It may be a preference, but there has to be one that’s just better for the average person. In my opinion online is better for many reasons. It’s not only useful for its comfort factor for students, but it is really useful to teachers. No one thinks about the opportunity of online school. Online school offers things like actively teaching thousands of students while all of them hear the teacher clearly and aren’t in a big room, so it feels easier and less stressful.






Stress is an interesting thing, it can ruin your grades or your sleep if you don’t have it under control. According to “What kids really think about masks, vaccines, and in-person school” by National Geographic, school can cause a lot of stress, but everyone already knew that. What was more interesting was that in person school was three times as stressful as online school. This is due to many factors, one of them being how strict it is. Students also seem to agree.

“Some people just aren’t meant to sit in the same place for six hours,” Freshman Vernon Backshire said. Many people agree with the idea that not everyone’s the same but some things just have facts behind them such as the lack of stress in online school.




Most teachers feel differently, however they think that students are better suited for being in a learning environment. “I do not think my students do as well in online learning” Business teacher Ms. Hernandez said. This could just be the perspective of a teacher though.

Students like Freshman Dylan Loerzel said that online is actually more engaging due to the use of things like pear deck. These learning tools make it less stressful to learn and they make it so everyone gets to answer a question without the whole class being silent and writing it down, this is especially useful for students who don’t like to talk out loud but do want to share their opinion.




“Weighing the Pros and Cons of Online vs. In-Person Learning” is an article by that represents both sides equally. This article was very well written and talked about how student needed to socialize but also explained how online school wasn’t stopping them. If anything, it was making it easier for people to talk to others and some students really need to socialize.






For example, Freshman Ricky Valdez says that one of the main things that gets him through the school day is being able to talk to fellow students. He isn’t the only one though.




“School would be a whole lot harder without friends,” freshman Brian McBride said. This isn’t a rare or new opinion.  Being isolated in a social place is a bad thing for students’ mental health.




This isn’t an opinion according to the article “Why Social and Emotional Learning Is Essential for Students” by edutopia, without students communicating they’d be awkward as adults and struggle in the workplace. Online school makes it so anyone can talk to anyone and it does this by using messages instead of verbal communication which may be easier for people who aren’t very good in social situations.






Students and teachers have different opinions. For example, English teacher Ms. Zeir said that she doesn’t mind online but in person it is just a more pleasant experience and makes it easier to connect with the students.

On the other hand, students like Freshman Jayden Eastwood think that online isn’t only better but it should be the default option.





Maybe teachers and students have different opinions but with this topic there is a trend. Teachers like to teach someone physically and students like to learn from a distance. There could be many reasons for this, but a popular one seems to be students aren’t as interested in learning as teachers are at teaching.






So, at the end it really is all about perspective, but it’s also about different sides. Teachers chose their job so of course they wouldn’t want to do something they didn’t sign up for. On the other hand, students are forced to be there so they’d rather do something less demanding and easier in a sense and what better than learning from the comfort of your own bed.