Teachers After School Can Be Cool


Jonatan Fernandez





Do you ever wonder what teachers do after school?  Teachers have many things going on outside of their teaching jobs. For example, they have side jobs, kids to take care of, and many more duties to do.

Every teacher has different free time options.




“In terms of my free time, I love playing music.  Lately, I’ve been on a big Latin music kick.  For example, since fall break, I’ve probably played at least 350 Latin songs on the guitar.  I also enjoy walks with my wife.  Even though she is disabled and walks can be difficult for her, we love our walks together,” Mr. Yerger said.

“I go exercise at the gym and then pick up my granddaughter to go to the park,” Science teacher Mr. Feiring said.





“In my free time I go to as many Greenway JV basketball games as I can to support my Freshman daughter, Tatum, and the rest of her team. She also plays club volleyball,” Math teacher Ms. Peterson said.




Teachers have different types of morning routines and different after school routines. “I wake up around 4:30 because it allows me plenty of time to start my day with music without interruptions. I arrive at school around 7:15, but I still mourn losing my first-hour prep period which allows me a much more relaxed start to the school day,” Mr.Yerger said. This is a good way to start a day because it can help many teachers focus.

Teachers also love to travel places and then talk about their vacation with their students. There are also funny stories that happened while teachers were traveling and they tell their students the stories. Teachers are just like us, they hang out with friends and family, and they have stuff to take care of after school. Teachers also like to relax and have fun days as well. They also care for their students and would do a lot for them.







Some teachers also have celebrity related families. For example, Ms. Peterson’s husband is a professional basketball player. “My husband and I lived somewhere else for two years while he played professional basketball after college,” Ms. Peterson said. There are also some teachers that have met celebrities in person and teachers show pictures to their students.







After school, mostly every teacher goes home and grades their papers or goes with their kids to take them to eat. Teachers do many different things after school, for example some of them stay after school to help students get their credits.