Memories Last from Childhood Past

Memories Last from Childhood Past

Mia Hernandez





As I remember, being a child was so much easier. Growing up, I’m sure there are specific memories that we have held onto, some good and some not so good. It was the good old days where we barely had loads of homework and being able to get away with things because we were just kids. We’ve all had different experiences in our childhood, like the shows we watched, music we listened to, or games we played. It’s a time to reminisce on some of our childhood memories.






Now for obvious reasons, some of our school’s administrators grew up watching different films.

” I was part of the Star Wars generation.  I remember being seven years old and the excitement of standing in line to see the movie with my father,” social studies teacher Mr. Amen said.











“We had a wonderful time together and bonded over the time spent.  There are times I miss my childhood, but I am happy with how things have worked out.  I have very few regrets, and consider myself extremely fortunate,” Amen said.




In the 2000’s era, there were a variety of shows and movies that we watched and grew up on. “I grew up watching ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’ because it was funny,” Freshman Ricky Valdez said. Other than the shows we watched, the games we played were a bop. The Nintendo DSI’s and board games are what kept us occupied as kids. I remember playing hide-n-seek or tag with my friends at school or with my cousin at family parties









Growing up we all wanted to be something, a rock-star, an actor, or possibly a singer.

“I expected my attitude to be different and for me to do better in school,” Sophomore Hayley McKinley said. As we got older, our profession of what we wanted to be has probably change. Students’ expectations from when they were young versus now have changed.

“I did not expect to be where I am now. I thought when I turned 18, I’d have a career, a house, financially stable,” Senior Karen Palacios Torres said. Others, on the other hand, think otherwise. ” I am where I expected to be and nothing has really changed for me,” Freshman Victor Flores said.












I don’t know about you, but if I could relive my childhood and do just some things different, I would do it. I’d have wanted to be less shy and taken advantage of being a kid.

“I would not want to change anything about reliving my childhood and I enjoyed being a kid,” Freshman Alexavier Martinez said.




“I would relive my childhood and do more productive things,” Freshman Mahdi Ghaleb said.










Reminiscing on our childhood memories is a good way to look back on what was. Students have their different experiences growing up as children, but I think we can come to an agreement that our childhood has made us the people we are today, whether there are or aren’t any regrets.