Boys Basketball Stands Tall


Deavon Felix





The Greenway basketball team has come together many times to make sure the season kept going so they can take the victory lap. The leaders of the team along with the head coach Howard Muller, have made a good impact on the team and have made the team a good place to be.










Our Greenway team won 7 regular season games and lost 12. The Demons had a huge come from behind win against the Tempe Buffaloes in the Demon Dome. The team was down by 14 points, but dug deep for the W.










The Demons lost to the Shadow Mountain in a very close game of 38-35.

We do not practice how we play, that’s why we lose games that we are supposed to win,” Coach Scott Mueller said. “We have really good talent on this squad but, in order to win games we have to use the talent appropriately,” Coach Mueller said.








According to “Basketball and Teamwork: Analyzing the Five Players You Meet In The Office” by Derek Mei on, “For me, there are people I enjoy playing with and people I hate playing with. However, how much I like or dislike other players have nothing to do with their skill levels, but rather their mindsets on the court. This meant that you can hate and love certain players but if they have the skill and you work together well then there is no reason for hate in a team because everything that you are using to capitalize is working well and will keep working as the team develops over time.”







Now three Senior leaders of Deavon Felix, Noe Bejarano, and Extavius Mason are the core of the team, and whatever happens goes through them first. In practice, they are pushing each other to the limits to make sure everyone gets the workout they need for the day to guarantee a win on game days. When they do shooting drills, they pat each other on the back and tell each other good job and they encourage the other players on the team to keep it going to have good smooth practices.








After practices. the team goes and does team bonding sessions whether it is going to the gym, going out to eat, going to one another’s house, or just something fun they can do to keep the chemistry tight. This Greenway team is something to mess with, they just have to pick up the pieces that they dropped and lost and that all starts with hard work and of course the work of the whole team.