To Mask or not to Mask- That Is The Question


Daanika Curiel




Since the mask mandate has now been lifted, students and staff here at Greenway are equally split on whether they should be masking up or not. 





The back and forth between having a mandate and not having a mandate has left some conflicting thoughts floating around. Some think our school should keep the mandate in place due to the rising cases on and off campus, while others believe that as long as they take certain safety precautions, such as getting vaccinated or staying home when sick, they shouldn’t have to mask up. While both sides of the situation certainly have their points, the big choice being made really just comes down to personal preference.







For instance, a good majority of students feel comfortable not wearing a mask at school unless it were to put themselves or others at risk.

“I do not unless I have a cold or I feel like I could be getting sick,” Freshman Indiana Hill-Heisler said.





For others, wearing a mask is purely circumstantial and differs daily. Freshman Savannah Holly said that she happens to forget her mask sometimes, but since she’s vaccinated she allows herself a little bit of leniency and goes on about her day without a mask. Holly adds that she intentionally keeps her mask off when her nose ring is complementary to the outfit she has on that day.





So whether it’s a matter of keeping people safe or just for the sake of upholding a good outfit, there seem to be valid reasons as to why people choose not to wear their mask.






On the other side of the coin, some individuals are still masking up for a different set of reasons.

It’s clear to see that the main reason for keeping masks on is to prevent the spread of sicknesses, specifically Covid-19.

“Even though Covid cases rapidly dropped, there are still other germs and bacteria. Before Covid when we didn’t wear masks, many students would still get the flu or sick in any way, so I wear a mask to prevent myself from getting sick,” Freshman Anjela Badrea said.




Back before the pandemic hit, there wasn’t really much talk about just how many germs people encounter daily. Masking up can help lessen both the risk of catching Covid and the risk of coming across a very unpleasant bacteria.






There does seem to be a definite correlation between students who keep their mask on and their health throughout the year.

“I choose to wear a mask at school for my own personal health, which has been working since I have yet to be sick with any illness, including Covid,” Freshman Delaynee Bauer said.




Bauer also said she believes administrators should require everyone indoors to wear masks. “There’s no surprise that our school’s Covid numbers went down when we did enforce masks,” Freshman Delaynee Bauer said. Again, the connection between masks and the health of those who wear one is very apparent.






Whichever side of this debate students and staff happen to fall, it is always important to keep in mind what would be best for the general public and establish an opinion off of that.

“I think people, in general, should be following the guidelines set by the medical professionals who are highly educated and well informed on data for the pandemic and making recommendations based on these facts,” Greenway science teacher Ms. Nelson said.