Role Models Can Fuel Your Throttle

Role Models Can Fuel Your Throttle

Kelly Tran





Many high school students have at least one role model who heavily influences their attitudes, behaviors, and life in general. As students are getting ready to head to college, it is important that they have someone in their life to at least guide them through their high school years. After all, high school are the years for many students to discover themselves as well as become independent soon-to-be adults. Let’s jump into the stories of both students and teachers and how their role models have positively impacted their life.





Senior Katharia Mark said that one of her role models is the famous free solo climber Alex Honnold.

He is an athlete who frequently discusses his simplistic lifestyle about traveling from different places in nature. Alex Honnold is also an advocate for environmental sustainability in which he created his own charity called the Honnold Foundation to provide green electricity for those in need. It is certainly not that hard to see why many people would admire him. After all, he puts a lot of effort into making the world a better place for society.





Greenway Japanese Teacher Ms. Olson said that many of her role models were her peers within school. Some of them had straight A’s, which encouraged Ms. Olson to do her very best to get good grades. Others had great relationships with their parents which is always a good thing. Also, her other peers had good time management skills who could easily balance school and outside life. Furthermore, the best advice that Ms. Olson had received was to figure out what works best for her. This is an important life lesson for not everyone experience school the same way as others. Overall, Ms. Olson has learned the important values of being herself and no one else from the peers who has influenced her in school.









Speaking of which, teachers serve as great role models for their students everyday. From developing learning skills to working habits, teachers are there to help students get back on their feet whenever they are struggling.






According to Dr. Candace Singh’s article “Role Model: 4 Tips on How to Be The Best One in Your Students’ Lives” from Leader in Me, it states that teachers’ enthusiasm encourages students to do their very best. High school students are more likely to ask and seek help when teachers visibly show their support. Furthermore, forming good relationships with teachers can be beneficial as well. According to Jill Williford Wurman’s article “Who Are Your Role Models?” from The Grayson School, it states that teachers can help students discover as well as express who they really are. After all, it is important for students to feel comfortable with their teachers if they want to be successful in school.

Furthermore, parents can be great role models for their own children. According to Rachel Wise’s article “How do Positive Role Models Affect Our Youth and Communities?” from Education and Behavior, studies show that students with parents for role models are more likely to succeed in school. It appears that parents for role models will contribute to success in high school more than any other type of role model. This is probably because support from parents will definitely encourage a student to do their very best in school. Role models don’t always have to be someone who’s related or personally known but these are just the types of influences along with celebrities, heroes, etc.







Without a doubt, almost every student will have a role model or someone that they look up to who positively influences their life. Role models, without a doubt, have a huge impact on high school students who are getting prepared to venture off into their future lives.