Dag Nabit I Have a Bad Habit


Mahdi Ghaleb



Everyone has a habit. Some have bad habits, some have good habits, some have both. Most of us get ours through our surroundings but some can even be genetic. The best part is that you can learn to use them to your favor.

Habits are something we all think we think we have control over, but in reality you have zero control over them. There are good habits that are just nice to have like leaving your keys in the same spot every time, or being organized; even manners are a form of habit. Some people like Frank Horlacher think that everyone should have a good habit of being organized, and he isn’t wrong. Everything would be better if everyone had a habit of organization.

Bad habits on the other hand can ruin someone’s life. For example, smoking or making impulsive decisions.

Ms.Hernandez said her most destructive habit is trying to avoid situations.

Habits like this can make it hard to do tasks because why do a task when you can just not do it. Destructive habits are the worst of all and they’re usually developed at a young age which makes it harder for people to drop them.






 “I have lots of good habits but the best one would be my ability to adapt to certain situations,” Freshman Blake Hornbaker said.

“I’ve tried to drop bad habits but it’s a slow process and it can be very annoying,” Freshman Aydan Hammers said.




Some people aren’t made like that and they need to take things in one at a time, but when you get good at understanding where you and how you should be acting you’ll be respected a lot more.







Good habits seem useful, so exactly how can you even build them. Well, according to “5 ways to overcome a bad habit” from Psychology Today by Sarah-Len Mutiwasekwa, building a habit is a lot like trying to get rid of one, except you do the opposite. What you start doing is you write it on you hand and you’ll start to notice it at random times  when you see your hand, and you’ll remember even if nothing is written on it. This is a useful trick.














According to “101 Good Habits for a Productive, Prosperous, Happy Life from entrepreneurs” by R.L. Adams, habits are what make you up, your habits are how people view and think of you. They can influence how you speak, how you act, and how trustworthy you are. So, building good habits is useful but exactly what is a good habit? It’s one that benefits you and people around you. A few good examples are being honest, holding the door for others, and being respectful to those older than you.

 It takes roughly 21 days to drop a habit and trying to quit something you’re used to and avoiding it for three weeks can certainly be hard due to you thinking about the thing you’re trying to quit. Once you try to quit and fail, it can be unmotivating but it does become just a little easier to quit you can look at what made you quit and eliminate that thing from the process or tell yourself you won’t do it.