Crazy Driving Stories Can Be Gory


Jonatan Fernandez




I was with my parents one day and there were these people that were drinking while driving and they crashed into a pole which almost hit us. We were on our way to our cousins’ house. It was at 9:00pm and it was a summer night. There were three people in total in the out of control car drinking. My dad, my mom, my brother and me witnessed this. Those three people got arrested for DUI. Some people just like to party and then go home messed up and don’t think about who they can hurt.

“I’ve seen tons of crazy things on my bike. I’ve been nearly hit by cars more times than I’d care to count, and actually hit once. In almost every situation, the driver was staring at their phone,” Science teacher Mr. Mckee said.  They get calls or text and look at their phone not knowing they can cause a big accident. Phones are big distractions especially while driving because it causes drivers not to look at the street.






“My family and I were driving to go get something to eat when we saw a car next to us with a tire a little flat. We let him know about it but he ignored us and a minute later he was tailgating us and started speeding up and his tire popped out,” Junior Connor Humphrey said. This shows that people rage easily on road and can cause a big accidents.





“One time, I nearly got flattened by an ice-cream truck while unicycling home. The man was unapologetic and did not even offer me any ice-cream as compensation,” Mr. Mckee said. Some people can take it nicely but most of them get angry.

Are you a bad driver? Questions like these are asked a lot throughout driving lessons or just as a normal question. People don’t like to admit that they  just don’t know how to drive properly.

“I have some good experience driving, but I am not a pro at driving. I just learned how to drive like two months ago but I’m getting the hang of it,” Sophomore Vanessa Enriquez said. Some people can also be crazy in the street, for example, people racing, showing off, going over the limit, and crossing red lights.

Being pulled over can cause trauma or even some people can take it as a lesson to learn. “One day I was checking my car with my dad around my neighborhood because the car was not sounding right, so we were going pretty slow around our complex and next thing you know a cop pulled us over and they were asking why we were going slow,” Freshman Tina Kilbert said.




Without a doubt, the responsibility of driving is one of the greatest that high schoolers take on. You are taking your own life and those on the road in your hands whenever you turn that key.