Let’s Cheer-Ah For Ms. Vera


AJ Lewis




“I started working in the fall of 2000. So, this is my 23rd year at Greenway,” Math teacher Ms.Vera said.

She enjoys teaching students the best and easiest ways of math. Every morning she walks in with a bright smile and the energy to teach students something new. Being a teacher is her dream job and still, to this day, she wouldn’t change a thing about it. Ms. Vera said that although she loves teaching, being a teacher is hard; your energy gets drained mentally and sometimes emotionally.                 









“I know being a teacher makes a difference to children that pay attention,” Ms.Vera said.

All three of her children attended Greenway and she will do anything to protect them with all of her power. 

She will have her good days and bad days, but she said t’s really hard for her to have a bad day. She’s always trying to make the best out of it.








“If you work hard enough you will be successful in life. I guarantee that,” Ms.Vera said. The hard work will pay off later in life. No pain no Gain, right?

When kids work hard she always tries her best to give a reward because students feel the need to be proud of themselves. Like on good days, she gives them donuts or gives them a small break and lets them watch movies. You have to earn it though. “Nothing is free in life, every single thing you have to work for,” Ms.Vera said.








Ms. Vera enjoys cats, but with her husband being allergic to cats she likes dogs a little more. She doesn’t have a favorite color, to her, all of them have a beauty to them, but she does have a favorite food, chilli rellenos.





She doesn’t have a favorite board game but Candy Crush does catch her eye, you wouldn’t believe what level she’s on!









“A funny time in class for me was when I fell in class and no one seemed to notice,” Ms.Vera said.

If Ms. Vera could not teach math she would do physics. She loves being able to see things right in the moment. After all, she is a visual learner. She has to be able to see it to physically understand what’s going on. Though until then she will continue to teach math.








Ms. Vera is glad to make a difference even if she is doing something so small, she loves to make students happy. Respect her and she will do her best to make you pass. She stays after school almost every day so if you ever need something the door will be open.

Something for all the high school students today: “All the choices you make now will impact you and your family. Always work hard so you can have fun later,” Ms. Vera said.