Teens Need Places for Fun When School is Done


Mia Hernandez




Imagine being over 21 years old. You get freedom, you are legal to do things; you don’t have that much of a curfew. For me, I’m only 18 and there’s not that much to do except the same old things like Dutch runs or going to the outlets with friends. Don’t you wish there was more to do in Arizona?

Now I’m not sure about you, but I guess you can say that in my free time, I go to the gym, work, or hangout with friends. Don’t get me wrong, some of these things are fun to do, but I wish there was more to do.








All you hear is “Let’s go get Dutch”; now there’s nothing bad with that, but it’s the same place people mention when they hangout with their friends. It’s like isn’t there more things to do than just go to Dutch or go to the movies?

“On my free time I clean my car and room then go to Dutch and watch comfort shows to relax. I feel like Arizona is limited on certain places simply based on the fact that any amusement parks or places to have fun  are closing down or not in the area I live. There just is not that much for people to do,” Senior Karen Palacios Torres said.





“I usually stay home and play games with friends or go to stores to look around to see what I like. There should be more freedom and things for teens to do around the age 15,” Senior Diego Gonzalez said.





There are amusement places, like Castles n Coasters or Big Surf for people to go to. Another place people go to would be Westgate at the Tanger Outlets. I go to the Outlets to walk around, maybe get some food, or get some Dutch Bros.






Other than that, there are also many food places to try out. Though you may feel comfortable with the same food you eat, there are plenty of restaurants in Arizona to try.

“I’ll see places on social media that look good and go with my friends to try, they usually are really good places whether it be food, drink, or dessert. In my free time, I’ll go out with my friends, or mainly the gym to get those gains,” Senior Bianey Salinas Vasquez said.






“I hang with friends and family and play video games. I wish there were more theme parks or places for our age group to go because there is a majority of us in the same age group where there can be something for us to do beside just go to Castles n Coasters,” Freshman Victor Flores said.




Eventually there will be a time for us to do things we can do now. Age is a big part of that, but the things limited here in Arizona for us to do.