Senior Advice will Suffice


Takyra Newman





As stated by Kate Barrington’s article “Surviving Public High School: Things seniors wish they knew as Freshmen” in the Public School Review it states that high school students have a hard time to adjust to high school when the students are not involved in clubs, sports, etc.





Senior students were asked questions that consisted of what they wish they acquired as freshmen and ready to share their opinion with full honesty.

They responded with their truthful answers:

“I do regret something freshman year. I regret getting a tattoo because I could have waited. I wish I joined soccer freshmen year because I like soccer. I was not a shy freshman. If I could give myself a talk freshman year me, I would just tell myself that it isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be,” Senior Citlaly Marquez said.






“No i don’t regret anything from freshman year. I wish I had joined Volleyball because it looked fun. I didn’t join it because I didn’t think I was good enough like the other girls and I don’t like embarrassing myself. I was shy as an incoming freshman because it was a new environment, and I didn’t really know or talk to people like that. I got out of my comfort zone honestly with social media and how I got to talk to people, then I saw them at school and we became friends. It affected me in class by working in groups instead of working by myself all the time. If I could go back and tell my freshman self something it would be ‘You were an amazing worker because you kept all your grades up and never let yourself fail, you actually cared,'” Senior Christina Noel said. 

“I regret ditching so much my freshman year. If i could change anything, I would have paid more attention in class than the fake friends I had. I wish I joined volleyball sooner when i was an underclassmen and I didn’t join because I was too short and I felt like someone else was gonna be picked. I got out of my comfort zone when I became a nurse trainee and had to do a lot of hands on work with real patients. If I could go back to my freshman self i’d let myself know that i don’t need to be putting up with anyone’s mess to prove my loyalty to them and instead prove my loyalty to myself and be at peace with me and me only,” Senior Karen Palacios said.











“I would tell myself to maybe be more social. Just don’t be dumb,” Senior Ivonne Vasquez Diaz said.





“I don’t regret anything Freshman year. Something I wished on doing would be joining track & field because during my gym class I seemed to enjoy running miles. I wasn’t a shy person my freshman year I was outgoing and I enjoyed talking to new people. If I could go back my freshman year I would say don’t slack and skip school because it will affect you in the future to not graduate with your actual class,” Senior Juanita Juarez said.