Who Made Teachers Teach?

Who Made Teachers Teach?

Aubriana Cerda





Do you ever wonder what brought your favorite teachers to start teaching, and love teaching? What drove them into this direction? Who influenced them? Why did they choose this career path?





Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world. They are responsible for teaching and preparing future generations, future honorable citizens who are going to be providing to our society for the rest of their adult lives. So, teachers really do have an important position in society, having an interesting, fun and challenging job.

Teachers, can be really surprised by the new things they will see and hear everyday when walking into their classrooms. Every student they teach is different, which can keep teachers more engaged and connected with their students. Teaching can also become a life-long career for some teachers, there are some who have been teaching for over fifteen years!  





“No one influenced me when choosing my career. I loved my high school world history teacher, Mr. Bradley. He was funny, engaging, and was the type of teacher that I wanted to be,” World History Teachers Ms. Braun said




As students are learning, teachers are also learning alongside them. They require professional development classes in order to stay teaching. Being a teacher comes along with life-long knowledge and new learning experiences. Not only that, they are always trying to set goals for themselves to accomplish, whether it being academically or for their home life, challenging themselves try finding new teaching methods that could work in future lessons, and help students that struggle. even learning how to balance out school life with their home life.

According to the article “Why do teachers love teaching” In Hey Teach, it says that teachers want to pursue a career in teaching because they can make a difference, and earn respect, and many teachers are very passionate about their jobs assuring all their students get a clear pathway to a successful future.
As some teachers strive to make a positive impact on some students lives, inspiring them to make beneficial choices for their futures. Some children need some sort of mentor, acting as a role model, to look up to and aspire to be like. These teachers will guide the students into the right direction.
“I did volunteer coaching of cross country and track at Washington High School for four years.  The longer I did it, the more I enjoyed it. No one had a significant influence on me teaching as a job career but if my high school coach, Mr. Wendell Sheets, hadn’t let me do the volunteer coaching, I probably would have never entered the teaching profession,” Business Teacher Mr. Giddings said

Many teachers may also have been heavily influenced to become a teacher from another person in their life  who could have been a family member, friend, or a prior teacher they had. Even previous teacher-assistant jobs they had in the past could have influenced today’s teachers. And they really could’ve gotten a picture of what the teaching career would be like, then starting their teacher training and becoming a teacher.

“No one in particular comes to mind, but I had an excellent supervising teacher, Mrs. Ann Allison, when I did my student teaching and she taught me and inspired so much about quality teaching methods,” Mr. Giddings said