D and D is Fun for Me

D and D is Fun for Me

Jose Gonzalez





Are you perhaps a little lonely? Do you really like D&D and want some new party members? Do you want to be a part of some chaos with some fellow students? Then the solution is here! It’s just a few steps into the J-building and it’s called Gamers Club.

Greenway has a massive and expansive amount of extracurricular activities offered on campus. From the intense and blood pumping sports teams to join, or the perplexing engineering going on in the robotics club, but all of these clubs can seem a bit overwhelming to someone new to the whole idea of ‘doing extra stuff after school.’ A fabulous way to ease yourself into this other side is with the Gamers Club. It’s being sponsored by your local Freshman/AP English teacher Ms. Cannaday, with the club going strong for about 8-ish years.






To get a general idea of what this place is all about, Cannaday describes it as “Chaos… I simply reign over it” with the club being very open about what goes on there. That is just one of the aspects she enjoys, since it allows kids to be “free to structure their own free time.”

Further agreeing was Junior Ethan Phaosihavong saying that “It’s really fun, there’s not really a goal to accomplish here.” Not having some goal to accomplish isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s what the club excels at. It is the equivalent of a nice calm nook for you to come and simply let loose or further mellow out.









The club strives at being very relaxed with Senior Alfonzo Felix and Freshman Mathias Mill describing the club as chill and relaxed respectively. You can even potentially find a new interest with all the different things going on in the one club. The people there are more than likely open to you joining in with whatever is going on if you feel interested in it, with Sophomore Kayden Walker saying that “It’s pretty fun, people just doing their own thing, you can involve yourself if you want to.”









However, don’t simply assume that since this is a laid back club that the sponsor is simply there to babysit. In fact, Cannaday has some gaming interest herself with her loving Dungeons and Dragons when she was younger, so she is excited with it beginning to gain popularity once again. Overall D&D is pretty popular in the club, so if you want an outlet for that, this is the place!

And she is quite the supportive sponsor too, generally speaking, “If the club wants something, I’ll get it for them” said Cannaday. An open club where you structure what you want to do, and that has plenty of people to talk to and meet, you could potentially meet a best friend here since you share that connected interest. On top of that, you aren’t restricted to what’s inside the room, as Cannaday said that plenty of kids will bring their own cards or even board games. From my personal venture during club hours, some students brought Nintendo Switches, it’s practically its own free country in terms of what you’re gonna do in there on that day. This excellent club meets every Tuesday after school, so if you’re interested, head over to J-103. It genuinely seems really nice there, all the vibes from the lovely people interviewed were all chill and awesome. If you still aren’t convinced, just try it, Cannaday calls it “the most laid back club, ever.”