Freshman Volleyball ISN’T Dull

Freshman Volleyball ISNT Dull

Zoie Brant





Coach Nelson’s heart raced as she watched  her team start getting better during the first game of the season. As she watched some girls progress from being okay at volleyball to being good at volleyball, her players could see the excitement in her eyes while she watched them play. The 9-10 volleyball team has improved so much since the start of the season.

“From the first practice, their level of the game has grown tremendously, and I am so excited to keep watching how their knowledge of the game expands as we keep going in our season,” Coach Nelson said.









This season for the 9-10 team has gone great for these girls. They’ve made so many memories, made a team family, and they’ve bonded so much.

“It’s just like a chance for me to learn and get better at volleyball.” Freshman Raven Gayden said.

Freshman Abigail Case said that it feels good, and that she likes getting to play with people in general, so it doesn’t really matter what team she’s on.

“Yeah, I feel like we’re building up as a team and as individuals too,” Freshman Aminah Hall said. A strong bond between the girl is always the end goal.








As the season has been going on the girls have gotten to understand the rules of volleyball and what to do and what not to do while being on the court.

Freshman Aminah Hall was asked if she liked the way Coach Jordyn coaches the team and she said, “I like the way Coach Nelson coaches, when we do something wrong she doesn’t just yell at us for no reason, she’s correcting us and she makes us re-do it so we can understand it better.”

Coach Nelson says that she has already seen so much progression out of this group of girls and she has seen them become great teammates and really bond over the game of volleyball.







Coach Nelson is always trying to help the girls get better at volleyball during every practice. She shows them new rotations, new drills to practice, and especially new serving drills. “I have already seen so much progression out of this group of girls,” Coach Nelson said. “I have seen them become great teammates and really bond over the game of volleyball.”

This season has gone great for our Lady Demons and they have really progressed over time.






“I really do honestly, I like actually getting to play the game a lot and liberos get most of the back court, so it’s really fun to play.” Freshman Abigail Case said. Abigail is the libero on our 9-10 team here at Greenway.

The 9-10 team is just a glimpse of what will happen for JV and varsity. “My job as a coach is to prepare them for the next level. It is a lot of basics filled with fun and excitement to create a positive and competitive atmosphere,” Coach Jordyn said. Our lady demons should feel how proud their school is of them.