Ed Professions Features Future Teachers

Ed Professions Features Future Teachers

Zoie Brant





“Ed Professions and Ed Rising’s purpose is to expose students to elements of the education field; we want to grow our own future teachers or educators,” Ms. Fowler said.

Ed Professions is a class that students can take where students can learn how other students learn, lesson plans, and classroom management.

“Ed Rising is the CTSO or student organization that is in conjunction with the class,” Ms. Fowler said.









Their community service committee organizes a “Best Buddies” activity for one Friday every month. During this, they go into special education classes and do fun activities with the students. The community service committee also organizes any events that nearby elementary schools need help with.









“A lot of people think it’s just that, but you learn how to public speak, better organization, and so much more,” said Senior Corrina Allen. Ed Professions and Ed Rising’s purpose is to expose students to elements of the education field.





“My students are very successful at the State and National level. Many of my students are already working in elementary schools and are in college to become teachers,” Ms. Fowler said.





If you decide to take Ed Professions, you have the option to intern at Sunburst, Ironwood, Acacia, Desert Foothills, and even Greenway.









“I decided to take Ed Professions because it will teach me skills, gain knowledge, and experience in a classroom setting,” Senior Isabella Hiney said.






Ed Professions isn’t strictly for becoming a teacher though. In this class, you can learn early childhood education and become aware of common learning disabilities. The class culture committee finds ways to bond with peers, whether it be through parties or gift giving.





“I love Ms. Fowler and the type of passion she has for us. She is a teacher that most of us don’t experience, and is a teacher we should all have in our life.  It gives you experiences that most classes cannot, and overall it is just different,” Senior Alexis Vargas said. Ms. Fowler makes her class very student-centered. Students work in groups to do most activities, and they also work with other classes like special education classrooms.










“Ed Professions has impacted me because it created friendships that I thought would never occur and laughs that still are laughable to this day. I feel happy and welcomed every time I am in the class and even when days are not that great, this class helps a lot,” Senior Alexis Vargas said. Ed Professions has allowed friendships to blossom and has made unforgettable memories for students.

“Now if you are not interested in being a teacher but want to do something involving children, in this class you will learn early childhood education and become aware of different learning disabilities” said Senior Isabella Hiney.

Ed Professions can offer you many types of things involving interning at different schools here in our district, going into SPED classrooms, going to conferences and many more.

Ed Professions can help you become successful in the future with any career that involves children.

“We want to grow our own future teachers or educators” said Ms. Fowler.