Diversity is the Key


Aaron Bingham





When we look at our community there’s so many unique cultures and beautiful races that many people know little about. Relationships within a community are a key importance to unity and equality for all of us.

Have you ever wondered what someone’s culture means to them but felt like it would be disrespectful in some way shape or form so you just never asked them?

One-on-one relationships are the foundation to change within society and our everyday lives, so don’t hold back and become more conscious of those around you. Trust me. Not only will it make you more in tune with your community as a whole, but it will open a door to new discoveries.

Building a relationship with diverse backgrounds is a major factor in forming a more diverse community that is powerful enough to achieve almost any goal. In today’s society we barely acknowledge each other’s cultural differences which results in stopping us from having a more aware and loving environment.

Today at Greenway High School I went around asking many students what is one way as a community that we can work together to tear down racial differences?





 Senior Aliyah Villa said,  “One way we can work together to tear down racial differences is to be more socially diverse. Inviting students to share about their cultural and ethic traditions on holidays we may not celebrate. Allow students to get to know each other personally.”

Senior Nevaeh Butler said, “One way we can work together is to have after school programs. Allowing different backgrounds to be talked about and allow opportunities to engage with people whose life experiences and viewpoint are different than their own.”





Senior Karen Arreaza said, “One way as a community to tear down racial differences is by supporting and understanding another.”





Senior Kaitlynn Means said, “As a community we can help educate everyone on different cultures and include everyone. We can also spread awareness of what minority’s go through on a daily basis. Off campus if we see something going on against these communities we should try to peacefully intervene and explain that what is going on is not right.”





Senior Quadir Robinson said, “I think having more assemblies to talk about race and how we can come together as a school is a great way to tear down racial differences on school campuses .”