Feeling Flush about a Celeb Crush

Feeling Flush about a Celeb Crush

Eliseo Gonzalez





Whether it was that boy band member you plastered all over your bedroom walls or the actress whose movies you watched on repeat, we’ve all had that one celebrity who made our hearts skip a beat. In this article, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and revising some of the most iconic celebrity crushes of all time.

In general, our celebrity crushes often reflect on what we find attractive in people. There’s always something we admire in a person, ranging from their looks to their personality. It doesn’t even have to be one celebrity; people often find themselves infatuated by multiple celebrities.

There are many well-known celebrities who have been the center of people’s dreams. Recently. one of the most notable is the funny, handsome Pedro Pascal.

“I liked him since 2011. I know him for his role in Narcos, and I admire their personality because he is very heartfelt and kind,” Senior Alexis Cox said. His appearance in media has been more prominent considering his most recent role as Joel in the HBO original The Last Of Us. His acting chops have captivated people along with his amazing looks in magazines and on the red carpet. Mixing these with his huge personality, you have got a man who can make anyone weak in their knees.












In the music industry, Brent Faiyaz is a lot of people’s number-one celebrity crush.

“I love, love, love him and his style; his lyrics make me happy and that face card never misses,” Senior Ariwn Co stated. This R&B artist has never failed to disappoint his audience as his music makes people feel like their soul is levitating into the sky.  This highlights how sometimes people can feel connected with other celebrities based on what they believe in or tell their audience. Without a doubt, this man has made his way into people’s hearts through his music.









Moving on from men, a notable woman in pop culture that has gained the attention of people is Jenna Ortega. Known for her roles in Stuck in The Middle, X, and Scream, she has certainly left an impact on the film industry.

“No matter what this woman is wearing you cannot tell me that she is ugly,” Senior Angel Islas said. Ortega’s beautiful features are certainly noticeable from her countless photoshoots, magazines, and movies. Another thing to note about her is her acting career. She started from a young age and her acting has only improved since then, most notably seen in her iconic horror movie screams.









Without a doubt, many celebrities have made their mark on this generation’s heart. From the talented few to some of the most attractive people in the world, every celebrity has at least one person who has them as their number one. After consideration, who would you place as your top celebrity crush? Do you agree with any of the people here, or do you have someone else who you think deserved to be mentioned?