Equality is Important to Me


Jose Gonzalez





“All men are created equal,” is taken straight from the Declaration of Independence, but does that phrase still hold true to this day? Can we confidently take a look at the state of the country we reside in now and say with ease all is equal and fair for each person that lives here? If put under the same circumstances will two people of two different backgrounds come out with the same result?

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Before diving into this discussion, let’s establish some things first. This is not to say America has made no progress in making things better: there very much have been strives to make things equal. Also, a definitive yes or no simply isn’t going to happen. This is not to try and prove one answer to be right, more as to pose the question as an open discussion out of curiosity of seeing the various viewpoints.

To get a better understanding and hear different views, here are some other thoughts on the discussion.

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“The Bible says that all men are created equal since ‘God created man in his own image…male and female he created them’ (English Standard Version Bible, Gen. 1.27). However, there are also inequalities in this world. People do not always treat each other equally or kindly for that matter, so it is easy to see prejudices everywhere. Families/parents pass down biased opinions to their children without even meaning to by the way they grab their children tighter when passing someone who makes them uncomfortable. People learn prejudices from their friends and loved ones, and then they pass those negative opinions on to the next generation. Until human beings can see each other through the eyes of God, there will continue to be inequalities in this world.” Mrs. Mason said.

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“The line all men are created equal is fundamentally based on us as humans, not our differences so this line still holds true today and potentially forever,” Senior Madison Iaquinta said.

A former Greenway Demon believes it is something that can vary based on context since people are going to be treated differently based on the states they live in. Some will be treated fine while others are not. However, that boils down to a person-to-person basis. Equality cannot be feasible possibly under the circumstances of the legal system and opportunities people are afforded. For the sake of privacy, this former Demon chose to stay anonymous.

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“No, I don’t think we are equal because there are some people being treated badly and do not have the same freedom such as homeless people and the LGBTQ community,” Senior Leona Nieto said.

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In the end, it’s quite a difficult question to answer. With such varying answers, it is interesting to see the very different viewpoints and see each perspective. Each person can strive to be the best version of themselves and to treat everyone they meet as an equal. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to do that The sad truth is this: there isn’t much we can do except have our positivity be stronger than the negativity.