Don’t Trip on my Drip

Dress Code is Too Strict


Briana Colorado


Hilary got dress coded during class and was told to go change because a bit of her belly was showing. She did what she was told but was confused because no one else was paying attention to her stomach. At the same time it made her uncomfortable because that wasn’t her intention. All she wanted was to wear a shirt that she really liked. Ever since then she always thought the dress code should be a bit less strict. She believes that they should dress code people that are actually showing more than other people, instead of dress coding the ones that are barely showing anything.

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“I don’t really have a favorite outfit but I do have outfits that I want to wear but I’m scared to wear them to school because they show my shoulders,” Freshman Tristian Fodoren said. 

“I think everyone should be able to wear what they want, it’s their body and no one else should have a say in that,” Fodoren said. Fodoren said that she has got dress coded before. “I have gotten dress coded and I was wearing a tank top.” Fodoren said. She also said that she felt very embarrassed and wanted to cry because of this embarrassment.

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“It wouldn’t be unprofessional at all to wear what I wanted to school. School is school, I should wear what I’m comfortable in. I think it’s okay if the person is comfortable in it,” Fodoren said. She believes that the dress code is too strict. She said she would change most of the dress code. For example, girls should be able to wear tank tops and things that show their shoulders. But also cropped tees and anything they are comfortable in.

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Freshman Alexandra Vazquez said that one of her favorite outfits has to be a wide leg. Light, jean pants with either grey or black crop top with her dunk low university blues. She also states that the outfit she normally wears is a flower shirt with black pants with her SE Poolside Fuchsia Jordan 1s. She has also gotten dress coded before.

She said that she has been dress coded because, apparently, she was showing either her shoulders, her stomach, or even her thighs. She also says that she should be able to wear what she wants because teachers thinking that showing her shoulders is inappropriate, is dumb. It’s not her intention to make it somehow inappropriate. “I think that is professional to wear anything because it defines who you are plus it shouldn’t be unprofessional because it’s not really a job we are doing, we are in school, not at a job,” Vazquez said. She believes as well that their dress code should be at a certain extent.








Freshman Hilary Para said that there are some teachers who are more strict than others. “It’s ok to show a bit not to the point where everything is showing.” Hilary Parra said. Another thing that she mentions is they shouldn’t be super strict with the dress code because it’s our body and what we want to wear. Hilary restates that we should be able to wear what we want because she’s going to be the one wearing it and having it in her closet.

The school dress code is seen as too strict by many of Greenway’s students. With clothing trends changing frequently, the school will likely continue dress coding students often or eventually reconsidering what violates the dress code and what doesn’t.