Hobbies and Sports is for all Sorts

Extra Curricular Activities

Hobbies and Sports is for all Sorts

Kelly Tran


At the end of the school day, many students rush out eagerly in order to participate in their own extracurricular activities. Whether it is sports, music, arts, or just volunteering, everyone has something they enjoy doing outside of school. Of course, these out-of-school activities have proven to bring benefits to students as well such as creating one great and interesting college application. With that said, let’s jump into the experiences of different people who take their hobbies and passions to a whole new level.

Greenway Japanese Teacher Nicole Olson says that one of her most passionate hobbies is volunteering for the Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation, which is a program that helps orphaned babies find homes. According to them, there are many babies found each year in dumpsters, bathrooms, etc. To help the unfortunate children, she goes to people and inform them about the Safe Haven Law. Her son in particular helped sparked this passion of hers because she never wants to see any child have to go through that certain situation. Mrs. Olson is now speaking out about this in order to help prevent such problems. She seems to really love helping out people who are in need. This shows how passionate one can be even with just choosing to volunteer.

Similarly, a student here at Greenway expresses quite a huge passion for the arts. Freshman Kacey Tran says that one of her own passionate hobbies is drawing. She attends Art Club here at Greenway as well. From paintings to murals, Kacey has experienced many different art styles and methods. Her sisters in particular helped spark this passion of hers since she really likes to express her creativity. She would always try to show off what she has drawn to them everyday.

Kacey finds it peaceful whenever she gets out a piece of paper and a pencil and just draw whatever she likes. Of course, she also uses this as motivation to get her schoolwork done on time. However, she does find less time in drawing as she heads into high school with more expectations. Kacey counters this by actively paying attention in class so she can do the homework with ease. After that, she can just relax and draw whenever she likes. This shows the benefits of doing activities outside of school, for it motivates students to get good grades in order to continue doing whatever it is they love.

Speaking of benefits, extracurricular activities has proven many times how it helps students gain important traits and learn valuable life lessons. There are plenty of positives that come out of putting hardworking and dedication into a specific hobby. For example, an average high school student would have many interests. In order to continue participating in some of these activities, they would need to earn good grades. This helps students be more motivated to do schoolwork.

According to Jim Haynes’ article “Extracurricular Activities Carry Many Benefits” in the Times Reporter, it says that students who participate in outside of school activities tend to learn important life skills and lessons. One good example is that it teaches students how to better mange their time. As students are working towards their future goals, they would need to learn how to properly do certain tasks at the right time and save leisure time for later. It would certainly help students better prepare for a future where they can become more independent. Another important benefit is setting up personal goals for themselves. Students will be able to learn self-trust and self-discipline. As they continue to move on through the school year, it is important for them to not only create goals but also complete them. After all, it is important for students to practice completing goals in a certain amount of time in order to get ready for their future of independence.

As mentioned before, there are some negatives to putting focus and effort on a specific extracurricular activity. For example, some students may not have the time to enjoy their hobbies due to the amount of schoolwork that they receive throughout the week. “I paint when ever I have free time,” Senior Teeanna Tejeda said. This means that most students don’t have time to do their hobbies during the school week. It would definitely leave them no time to go out and learn new things about themself or new skills.

Another possibility is that one can just simply neglect their responsibility of getting their schoolwork done on time in order to enjoy themselves. However, there are certainly ways for students to counteract this type of habit. Some extracurricular activities from school require that students manage a good grade in order to continue the activity. This usually motivates students to get their homework done on time so that they can continue doing what they love. It also pushes forward the importance of time management.

According to Hardeep SinghDang’s article “Extra Curricular Activities And Their Importance For Students” in Youth Time, it says that extracurricular activities help students better prepare for their future. Students should definitely practice managing their personal time so that when they get to college, they will not stress out as much. When students graduate and get full-time jobs, these significant skills will definitely help in the long run. All in all, it helps create the same environment that most people eventually go through in life.

Extracurricular activities ultimately helps make many students who they are. It creates unique individuals through the many different interests that one holds. As students continue to participate in such activities, it is important for them to learn significant life lessons as well. Every year, people discover something unique about themselves as well as see through different views. Extracurricular activities certainly makes up a significant part of students’ everyday lives.