Fast Fashion is a Quick Cash In

Fast Fashion is Wrong

Fast Fashion is a Quick Cash In

Alexa Kachanuk


Fashion is constantly changing and that makes it hard for brands to keep their pieces trendy, but there are stores that are trend friendly and affordable. However, there is a catch; it is one of the mass contributors to the Earth’s warming, and children are the employees of these “fashion forward” brands. 

Brands like Forever 21 and Zara are some of the biggest contributors to the worlds climate crisis. So what makes these brands so appealing to the consumer? Some of these large brands like Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, Shien, Zaful, and H&M are all largely consumed clothing brands that are inexpensive and quick to the trends. Everyone loves a good deal, but nobody does their research and we all subsequently support these brands blindly.

Senior Daymien Ybarra said that shopping ethically is way better, even if it costs more. Fast fashion equates to environmental issues, “I would go above and beyond to shop sustainably.”


Consuming these brands is one of the major causes of the earth warming which is leading to more wild fires, extinctions, and natural disasters. According to Ngan Le’s article “The Impact of Fast Fashion’’ in the PSCI Princeton, the fashion industry has caused a great deal of damage to the world. However, if we start taking steps towards a green friendly industry we can make a change. An easy way we, as consumers, can help with this issue; stop supporting these brands and buying from them.

Another horrific effect of buying from some of these brands is who some of these brands employ. Many brands make their clothing in sweatshops in other countries because it’s cheaper to pay their employees. Employees, as in the children they under pay that are also forced to work in harsh, dangerous conditions. The large corporations build the factories overseas and give the bare minimum to their employees to maximize their profits Samira Akbar says in “The Negative Effects of Fast Fashion” in Borgen Magazine. 

Shopping from more ethical brands is hard for anyone who doesn’t have the beauty standards body type. “It’s hard to find clothes that fit my body type and are affordable,” said Sophomore Serenity Culp says. The brands offer many different sizes for all different body types. But there is brands for everyone and every size. All it takes is researching who you are supporting before giving them your money.

Fast fashion is terrible for the environment, being a factor in the Earths warming, polluting the ocean, and they use children in less fortunate countries  for cheap, unethical employment. Even if the price is low; it is killing our only home. Research the brands you are supporting and shop sustainably.