Tardy or Not, Here I Come!

The Tardiness Problem

Tardy or Not, Here I Come!

Anijah Lewis


You’re late! Go get a pass.

Ever get sick of hearing that? You feel like teachers don’t give you a chance to explain and just feel like they’re trying to be a pain in the butt. What if they aren’t?

There are plenty instances of students who show up late and end up distracting to the rest of the class. For example, last year teachers were instructed to let students into class late. Student’s would take advantage of that and roll into class late, sometimes with their arms full of QT drinks or other things that were not needed for school. However, there are plenty of students who do have a valid excuse for being late to class.

“Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be on time,”Sophomore Jamie Irigoyen said.

Students have to realize though that this is high school, and teachers are trying to prepare you for your future. While it may seem like being late isn’t a big deal, it is. The average number of tardies per week is close to 150, which is higher than the years past. The pandemic does play a part in this. Some people think since most things are being affected by Covid in some way that they can be lazy.

While waking up and getting out of bed 5 days a week becomes more and more difficult for students as the year progresses, the hard work often pays off after they get all of their credits and graduate. However, this all starts with showing up to class on time and giving your best effort. 

“Students are allowed 13 absences/tardies total per semester before they may lose class credit,” Ms. Threadgill said. Losing credits means having to make up all of that work plus the current work. It could work out but there’s a chance it wont. 

“We are here to help students become productive adults and time management is a life skill,” teacher Ms. Nelson said. The solution is simple: show up to class on time.


Majestic Hernandez says that “I think it kind of a wast of time to be late when you could just sit down and learn.”There are many ways to cut down on tardies. The most obvious answer is to try and wake up on time. You won’t just be helping yourself, but also the attendance office. You’re missing precious class time having to stand in that line to get your pink slip. Everybody is going to be late once in a while, but if you know you’re late once a week or more, something needs to change.

If you know you’re gonna be late try calling the attendance office and let them know so you don’t have to get a tardy. Teachers are not trying to be strict, they are trying to help you.

Finally, instead of talking to your friends when you see them go straight to class. Socializing with friends can easily be done once school is over. If you know you have to use the restroom let the teacher know before going in. Teachers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they expect you to try.

Many high school students are involved in some form of sport. Just like in class, showing up late to a practice will result in a consequence. For example, if you’re late to football practice you might have to run, instead of playing, and that’s no fun. Showing up on time to school is just as important as showing up on time to a practice.

The article “Let them pay a price” it states that “There not bad kids they just don’t seem to understand that people are counting  on them and trying to help them be successful”It’s important to show up on time to class no matter what. While this may mean changing a daily schedule, daily habits, or even waking up a little earlier than normal, the key to success in school all starts with showing up on time. Therefore it’s extremely vital that students do everything in their power to get to class when they are supposed to and avoid that pink slip.