Too Much Homework Equals Stress that Irks

Homework is Overwhelming

Too Much Homework Equals Stress that Irks

Cade Uptegrove



“How will I ever get all this homework done before the deadline? There’s just too much work to do.” This type of stress causes students to be anxious about if they will be able to pass their classes. If students were able to get more time in order to get their work done, they would very likely be more successful academically. However, homework is very important for a student as it helps to improve their education, keep their grades steady, and teach them time management.

“Doing homework ultimately helps students’ grades.  Since many students require extra time, learning to do homework is essential if people want to make the most of their studies,” said Mr. Yerger. As well as this, Mr. Yerger said that not all students are able to easily complete assignments because of their intelligence. Because of this, it is beneficial to students to have dedicated time to study and complete work outside of school.

In addition to this, practicing and repeating concepts helps students improve their skills. “It makes sense to keep the focus and practice steady with some homework. Even the top students benefit from the added practice that homework can afford them. Most successful people, adults and students alike, often come to love doing their homework; it’s the secret to their success,” Mr. Yerger said.

If students are able to manage their time and put forward more effort to their work, they should be able to stay on top of their grades. However, some students struggle more than others on their homework and aren’t able to stay caught up in class. This causes stress to build up.

According to Sara M. Moniuszko’s article “Is it time to get rid of Homework” from Phys Org, mental health experts agree that heavy work loads can do more harm than good for students, especially during the pandemic. The article also stats that more than half of students say homework is their main source of stress, and this can have a negative effect on our bodies. Students get most of their stress from homework and heavy work loads and the changes from the pandemic are contributing to their stress even more.

Students at school are beginning to stress about their homework. They aren’t able to stay caught up with class. This amount of stress is bad for the students to deal with. If the students are able to get help and more time with their homework, they will be less affected by stress.  Students are unable to pay attention in class if they have to stress about their homework and classwork, causing them to become confused and fall behind in class.  Youki Terada’s article  “Whats the right amount of homework” from Edutopia says that homework provides a boost to learning as long as it isn’t overwhelming. However, the article also says that incomplete homework may not be a true reflection of students’ learning, it might be a result of issues the students face outside of school.

If  teachers are able to help them after school, in class, or at lunch, these students won’t have a lot of stress because this will help them stay caught up. Valerie Strauss’ article “Does homework work when kids are learning all day at home?” from The Washington Post says that having too much homework is part of the problem when it comes to the stress levels of students. More than 50,000 high school students were surveyed for Challenge Success from October 2018 to January 2020. 56% of those students said they had too much homework. In that survey, students reported an average of 2.7 hours of homework per weeknight and 3.0 hours on weekends. This means that the stress levels of students are raised because of homework and failing grades.

If a student isn’t able to get all their work done on time they should ask for more time and make sure they get it done. “From the perspective of a teacher, I don’t think homework should be stressful. The key is time management and creating a checklist or schedule to get the task accomplished,” Ms. Braun said. However, this may differ depending on what type of class a student takes. “In my regular classes, students have ample time to ask questions and get help on their work. In my AP classes, students have to use more before and after school time to get help,” Ms. Braun said.

Time management is key when it comes to getting work and homework done but distractions cause people to have bad time management. “I think people lack time management skills and would rather do other things like play video games or play on their phone then do the work that is assigned. So, a little time management goes a long way,” Ms. Braun said.

While most students may see homework as an unnecessary task, it undoubtedly helps students improve their skills and perform better in class. As long as students ask for help and keep homework from piling up, homework will have only positive effects on students.