Key Club for the Dub

Key Club for the Dub

Miranda Ortiz






Key Club helps more than just the school, but also the community. For certain events at Greenway, Key Club is usually the group setting everything up and getting things ready. Some examples include setting up for theater events, Demon Fest, and helping to clean up afterwards.

Club members also give up their Saturday mornings to take the time to help others. They volunteer at places like Saint Mary’s Food Bank, Saint Vincent Di Paul’s food kitchen, tutoring students during super Saturdays at school, and many other things.















Long time Greenway Key Club Sponsor Mr. Morales said that his expectation typically don’t change through the years, “We try to provide community service opportunities for Greenway students, whether they do their service as individuals or as a group.”









He said, “We think that by giving back to the community, students learn how to work and serve while gaining an understanding and an empathy for those that are struggling.”

Senior Joshua Pace Bernal thinks it is a very beneficial club, and he thinks more people should join.

Aaron Bingham  said, “I think Key Club is good for the campus because it gives students a good opportunity to help someone other than themselves and it shows people that there is a bigger community.”

Students gain the basic skills of community service and helping people in general. If more Demons joined Key Club the campus and the world would be a better place.