Let’s Cheer for Demons of the Year


Jose Gonzalez






The stage is set, it is about to be a night to remember. Stars aligned, the stage lights loud, proud, and brimming with eagerness. It’s time, a lucky few Demons are going to be honored with the Achievement Above All Award. The students and staff gave it their all to earn their respective awards, which brought light to the effort they’ve put in.






Two staff members, a parent volunteer, a student, and a club being awarded. The first up was Ms. Apodaca being awarded the very prestigious, Teacher of the Year award.









“Let me tell you though, behind every great teacher is an amazing support system,” Ms. Apodaca said.

While every teacher on campus is always giving it their all, exceptional leadership gets the recognition it deserves.

Apodaca was not the only staff member awarded that night as the lovely Ms. Goguen from the college and career center received the Support Staff of the Year Award. Stating how she finds joy in helping students to pursue whatever they may want to do after high school. She makes sure students are aware of job and scholarship opportunities and that no student will be left in the dark.








In addition to staff, there was a Student of the Year being honored that night. That student was senior Xitlali Vazquez. Xitlali is a prime example of what to strive for in order to be a successful student. After being at Greenway for 4 years, she certainly did make her mark.










“Each and every person and experience that I have had here at Greenway has shaped me into the person I am today. I am truly blessed to have a supportive community that has challenged me and believed in my potential. I am one step closer to achieving my goals, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me.” Senior Xitlali Vazquez said.

Last but most certainly not least was the student organization that was being honored. Being awarded with the Student Group of the Year Award is Key Club, sponsored by Mr. Morales. The Key Club has been making a major impact in our Greenway community for some time now.

“To the officers and members who have worked so diligently over the past years toward the wonderful recognition, we are truly grateful,” Senior Omar Kamil said.

To once again reiterate, there are more clubs on campus that make an impact, but regardless it is still phenomenal to see Key Club receiving the recognition and appreciation they deserve for their dedication and efforts.








Overall, it was quite the eventful and memorable night. They’re dedicated, and hard-working people on campus, so it was a real treat to see some Demons get an opportunity to be recognized and have their hard work honored and appreciated.