Drama Pride is Deep Inside

Drama Pride is Deep Inside

Adriana Sparks





It’s hard to imagine Greenway High School without the our spectacular Demon Drama and Theater program. Led by Director Mr. Losenicky and Theater President Senior Angelina Bondar, the Demon theater program has enticed the Greenway student body since the first play, “The Diner,” performed just weeks after the first day of school. Putting on a fantastic play is hard enough. Creating an ageless theatrical performance in just over a month? Unheard of.







But it seems that no challenge is too daunting for Greenway Theater.

This fall, the Greenway Demon theater program competed in Arizona’s State competition for Theater and Thespians at the Phoenix Convention Center. Greenway Theater took an unlikely group of competitors, yet withstood the trials and tribulations and had quite a successful weekend.

Senior Alexander Wozniak sums it up quite plainly, saying, “What I know is that we tried very hard and competed.”





Wozniak took a role in both last year’s spring play, “She Kills Monsters,” this year’s “The Diner,” and a lead role in the theater performance in the Celebrate the Arts.  Wozniak claims he is “more than proud to be in this program” and he “take[s] great pride” in its accomplishments.

One of theater’s best competitors, Senior Grace Bidell, also had encouraging words for this year’s crew. Shortly before competition, Grace says her team “changed suddenly which altered our performance,” yet still managed to compete with a 43 second quick-change.





Perhaps this persistence and perseverance is why Bidell describes the theater program as “diligent, committed, and loving.”

Greenway Theater did not place in any events this year. Still, that doesn’t change the thespians’ perspective on their program or their accomplishments. Instead, it seems as though competing in state competition has just brought them closer together. The overwhelming support after the performance of “The Diner” set the precedent for the rest of the year. “The Diner” explored themes of acceptance and love for others; and it seems that Greenway theater is taking these lessons to heart.  Greenway Theater is sure that the rest of the year will be a success.









Greenway Theater puts on two plays divided up by semester. The fall semester hosted “The Diner,” so what comes next? What does Demon Drama have in store for us in the spring? After such a success with “The Diner,” the student body is eager to hear more about the forthcomings of the new play including cast lists, set designs, and scripts. While these questions will be answered in time, these thespians seem ecstatic about the new spring play.

Senior Grace Bidell said, “It’s going to be humongous and spectacular,” and senior Alex Wozniac describes it as “fun” and “exciting.” Wozniak also says that the play will feature several eye-catching visuals, flashy sets, and combat choreography. While the official play has yet to be announced, I believe it’s safe to assume that, no matter what it is, we can rest assured it’s going to be fantastic.