Having Rivals Leads to School Survival


Mia Stewart




Imagine you hear people going back and forth about which school is better: “Greenway is better”. “No Moon Valley is”. It continues back and forth and back and forth, nonstop. Would you jump into the conversation or sit back and observe?

“Absolutely. Greenway has a great combination of rigorous academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities,” English Teacher Mr. Humphreys said.

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Daily American article “Question of the Week: How do school rivalries affect your school spirit?” said “School rivalries improve school spirit by banding athletes, students and other competitors together against a common rival.”They also improve spirit by inspiring those competing to push themselves and give their performance their all to compete against “the big bad” that is the opposing team. As long as the rivalry is one that is kept on the hypothetical playing field, school rivalries are one of the key factors to improving and inspiring school spirit.

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¨Greenway High school is the best school, I feel very safe and I loved the friends that I’ve made there,¨ Freshman Jazmyne Cordero said. Cordero also said that Greenway has the best team spirit and the best mascot and that everybody knows the Demons and what they are capable of.

Hogtown Mascot article ¨High School Mascots As A Tool To Inspire Learning¨ said ¨Mascots are the widely loved, oversized members of every high school community. ¨They are there to represent the secondary institution, show school pride, and build fan spirit. As well as serving as an honorary member of many high school football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and swimming teams, they can also add a fun flare to academics.¨

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“Spirit is the ideal version of rivalries. When a school or body or people have true team spirit they understand the proper role of rivalry. To inspire greater competitiveness, a shared goal, togetherness in face of trial,” Math Teacher Mr. Brown said.

Students have a well-adjusted sense of competition leads to a humble understanding of responsibility, to yourself and towards others. Teams know this to be true by simply living this out in their games/matches/meets/competitions. Of course, true greatness does not focus so much on the surrounding world and how they compare together. Rather, true greatness is found in those individuals who look inward and compete against themselves. With the goal of continuous improvement and growth as a person being the source of team spirit, Greenway stands among the best,” Freshman Jazlin Blanco said.

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The Chronicle article ¨Bring it On!: Students and faculty explore the impact of intra-school rivalries¨“I honestly love rivalry games because the pressure to perform well, the intensity and the atmosphere drastically changes for the better,” Kang said. “With the spike of attendance at these events, you have the utmost support from the entire school, and [the game] can become incredibly more memorable with a win. Even though these rivalries might bring out our ruthless and even aggressive sides, they give us another purpose for an entire year to train and compete to the best of our ability.”