Some Students Say Boo to Curfew

Some Students Say Boo to Curfew

Cadence Crawford






You get dropped off around the corner from your house so your parents don’t see the car lights as you sneak back into your house. You go around the house to your window and pop the screen out. You climb in through the window and put the screen back. Your parents will never know, and you get to break your curfew. So, should you break your curfew?






According to “Curfew” article in Law for Kids, Minors under the age 16 must be where the person lives between the hours of 10:00. Should teens have a law curfew? Freshman Belize Milner said that she thinks that we should be allowed to leave the house whenever and come home whenever.





“I think your curfew should be midnight” Freshman Tatum Peterson said.




The legal curfew is 10 o’clock when your are a minor, and you can get a ticket for breaking curfew. According to Neil Bhateja’s article “Top Five Reasons To Abolish Curfews” in The National Youth Rights Association, for example, in Lexington, KY, the penalty for violating curfew can reach a $499 fine, while the maximum penalty for speeding is $200.

You can get a bigger ticket for breaking curfew than speeding. Which leads to the question, should you have to pay a fine for breaking curfew? Well, Freshman Belize Milner said that you shouldn’t have to pay because you should be able to stay out until whenever you want.






I asked students what curfew you would give your kid, most people said they would let there kid stay out till 11 or 12. Most people also gave a earlier curfew for a girl than a guy.

But what happens when you get caught breaking your curfew? According to Amy Morin’s article “The Best Consequences for Teens Who Break Curfew” in Very Well Family, most teens break curfew at least a time or two. The way you respond to your teen coming home late makes a big difference in how often it happens. Have you ever got caught breaking curfew what was the punishment?

“One time I came home an hour late and my mom put my curfew an hour early for a week. I never came home late again,” Freshman Tatum Peterson said.






According to the article 19 percent of teens have snuck out of their house. Most teens sneak out to hangout with friends.

Another reason teens need curfew is to help make sure your teen is safe while also teaching them responsibility, self-control, and time management skills. They need to learn those skills for their future kids. Kids and teens will probably have children of their own one day, and they should know why having a curfew is important.

However, a teen could also argue that trust should also be out into a curfew. A parent needs to trust that their kid can make the curfew. A parent can also include their kids in making the curfew. The kid can tell or ask the parent what they think the curfew should be and why.

It has also be argued that teens with a driver license should have a later curfew because they have more responsibility’s now that they drive.