A Rant about the Suns’ Trade for Durrant


Mackenzee Reilly





On February 9, 2023, the 2023 NBA trade deadline was reached, and twenty eight of the thirty teams all made at least one trade. One trade in particular ignited a fire on the internet and multiple platforms worldwide. ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and even The New York Times magazine all shone a spotlight on Kevin Durant.












Headlines announced the blockbuster trade deal of the Suns welcoming Kevin Durant. In exchange, the Nets received shooting guard Mikal Bridges and small forward Cameron Johnson. Durant previously played with the Brooklyn Nets during the 2020-21 and 2022-23 seasons alongside Kyrie Irving. The two were a dynamic duo on court with an undeniable force of chemistry.

However, many Valley fans were sad to see the depart of Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and Jae Crowder.  According to Donnie Druin, publisher of  Inside The Suns, NBA Twitter went ballistic in what is undoubtedly the largest trade in Suns franchise history.











Ms. Moore is one of the many fans that think the trade was a mistake.

“I just don’t think he is a player capable of having the chemistry the team needs,” said Ms. Moore.

Why make the trade? In agreement with Everett Williams, an author with Sports Illustrated, Mikal Bridges was formerly voted Defensive Player of the Year and has the longest streak of 365 consecutive games played. He didn’t miss a single game during his time with the Suns. Mikal demonstrated a strong loyalty to the Valley. Many found the trade shocking and disappointing.











Fans believe the Suns franchise had been building a strong, young, and fiery team, a team to positively dominate the playoffs.

“Cameron Johnson was a great teammate, and he really started to get into the kick of things on the court,” Sophomore Tatum Peterson said. “I’m sad to see him go.” However, she still looks forward to seeing Bismack Biyombo continue his career.

“He always makes the games entertaining, he’s so active,” Peterson said.

People of The Valley now look at the Playoffs with uncertainty. Will the Suns pull through this year? Fans aren’t sure. Team chemistry has been low in the games following Kevin Durant’s debut. The Phoenix Suns finished the regular season with being 4th in conference. The Suns advanced to the Western Conference Semifinals after taking on the LA Clippers finishing 4-1 after a grinding fight. They are now placed to take on the Denver Nuggets in the Conference Semifinals, and games 1 and 2 have already been held. The Nuggets lead the series 2-0.












Sophomore Jazmyne Cordero says she hopes the Suns will make it to the finals this year.

“They were so close last year!” Then again, things were different last year. Mikal and Cameron were both starting for the Suns in the playoffs and contributing crucial points for the team. Fans fear the loss of them will steer the Suns away from the trophy.

“I hope things play out for the boys; I mean, they have worked so hard to get where they’re at,” said Moore. “I would hate for a late season trade to strip that away.”

The Sun’s fate is now up in the air. The Valley is anticipating what Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Devin Booker can accomplish in the near future. Let’s Rally the Valley!