JV Spiritline is Doing Fine


Madison Bailey




The JV Spirit line makes memories by cheering on our JV football team to victory under the bright lights. September 7th, Greenway Demons victoriously beat Moon Valley Rockets 20-12. With the help support from our JV Spirit-line, JV football is conquering this season. 









“The Greenway spirit-line is such a great team to be a part of. I have made so many great friends and bonded with them everyday.” Freshman Lucy Halliday said. Madison MacDonald, Varsity and JV cheer coach continues to guide these ladies as they learn what it means to be a Greenway cheerleader.

“Our strengths come with the willingness to learn and positive attitudes within the team.” Coach MacDonald said.

Some may believe cheerleading is an easy thing to commit to, but they would be misguided.









These ladies practice 5 days a week for an hour every morning before school.

“We learn chants up to like 100 as well as dances and have to remember them all,” Freshman Sayanette Martinez said.  Martinez adds that they always have to be cheerful no matter what, which sounds easy but in reality, it is not. Also, a major asset of being on a team is to be a good teammate. This is one huge quality coaches look for in a cheerleader.

“What makes a bad teammate is someone who doesn’t try their hardest and puts in half the effort they could,” Freshman Abbie Black said. On the contrary, a good teammate is someone who puts their team before themselves, gives 100% all of the time, and always has a positive attitude even when they’re not in the best mood or mindset. As well as someone who spreads positivity within the team.









In addition to the hard work these ladies put in, they are very well mannered.

“We are respectful and very disciplined. We make sure we are proper and have lots of respect towards anything we do,” Freshman Sayanette Martinez said. Respectful teams make for a positive environment, a non toxic team and keeps healthy friendships and bonds attainable. They also may find more of a supportive atmosphere when they continue to show everyone around them respect.








Communication is always key on a team. The ability to understand your teammates is a very powerful source. Freshman Abbie Black said, “A good teammate is someone who communicates to their teaM.” This is truly the case for each sport. Communication throughout the team allows each teammate to bond and understand the next step. Without this key element, the team is unable to mesh as a whole.

Cheerleaders work just as hard as every other sport out there. They must communicate, work as a team, and be good teammates towards each other to be successful in the things they may want to accomplish.