Greenway Features Inspirational Teachers


Kelly Tran





A student is currently struggling with their classes in school. By going up to an inspirational teacher and asking for some advice, they have a newfound motivation to work hard and keep up with their grades. Most students probably have one or more teachers who have inspired them throughout their school years. Whether they are from elementary, middle, or high school, many students have someone in their lives that they look up to. After all, teachers work very hard to help students bring out the best results that they can. With that said, let’s jump into the unique stories of both teachers and students who have met some motivational and uplifting teachers.







Greenway Art Teacher Christopher Hewlett said that his professors at ASU were some of the best teachers that he has ever met. His painting teacher, Henry Schoebel, and his Women artists history teacher, Betsy Fahlman, were the ones he remembered the most. They both were very influential and had a unique style and approach when they taught others. According to Mr. Hewlett, teachers should be patient when dealing with many students. Undoubtedly, it can get very frustrating so having patience with students is very helpful. He also believes that teachers should present a friendly demeanor. Being relatable and making students feel comfortable will definitely help teachers in the long run. It can also benefit the students by making the classroom feel much more enjoyable. After all, students tend to work better in environments that make them feel safe.






Furthermore, Senior Katharia Mark said that Mr. May, her band teacher, has definitely inspired her. She claims that one special advice from him is that “everything you want is on the other side of hard”. He most likely meant that achieving any goal is filled with hardships.






No matter how many obstacles one runs into, they should always try their best if they really want to accomplish their personal goals. According to Katharia, all great teachers should give compromises to students as well as try to understand the situation at hand. Both teachers and students should properly cooperate with one another in order to bring out the best results. This can also make it so that one’s school life runs more smooth.






Speaking of positive traits, many people agree that there are many types of traits that make up a great teacher. According to “Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher” by Maria Orlando, most teachers have to work extra hard in order to out perform other teachers when it comes to teaching students. She also mentions how teachers should respect their students as well as try to understand them. Teachers should definitely set high expectations for their students in order to give them proper challenges.

Greenway AP Literature Teacher Jennifer Walp said that it is helpful if teachers are encouraging and offer second chances. Inspirational teachers are very much similar to skilled leaders. Essentially, teachers set up good examples for other students to follow. 






Moreover, great teachers plan ahead in order to bring the best teaching experience for students in the classroom. According to “Good Teaching is Not Just About the Right Practices” by Sarah Gonser, teachers should definitely reflect on their classroom practices as often as they can. Looking back at lessons can certainly help teachers improve on how they deliver information to students in an effective way. Inspirational teachers should strive to teach students with methods that are motivational as well as productive. More importantly, great teachers refine their strategies by collaborating with other teachers. Since teachers work together, they are able to see where students are struggling. This will help them come up with techniques that will greatly benefit their students.







Inspiring teachers are certainly great sources of motivation for students who find themselves slacking off in school or anywhere else. Whether it is the motivation to complete homework or achieve a personal goal, teachers will always be there to give a helping hand.