Anonymous Valentine Compliments Sent


Jocelyn Le – “I love your outfit <3”



Anthony Dominguez – “You’re cool!”



Henry Le – “You have a beautiful face.”



Samantha Brown – “You are amazing, talented, beautiful!”



Rebekah Montgomery – “You are so majestic!” 

“You are so wonderfully strange and I love you for it!”


Gabriel Garcia – “You’re a really good friend.”



Noah Chan – “You’re tall and cute.”



Daemon Chase – “You are really getting big, keep hitting the gym.”



Linda Landin – “You are the bestest ever and make sociology so interesting! Also you’re the kindest person ever.”



Asha Rogers – “You’re a great friend.”



Elayna Padilla – “You have an amazing smile.”



Catrina Brundage – “You’re pretty.”



James Thai – “You’re really cute.”



Sebastian Acosta – “Your hair is so good today!”


Tessa Lunog – “Your eyes are very pretty.”



Josilyn Reyes – “You’re literally so stunning.”



Bernadette Vanderhoof – “You’re super cute <3”



Jesus Javier- “Your eyes are as blue as the ocean.”



Kota Reed- “You are an amazing friend.” 


Aodhan Murphy– “You thiccc boy.”


Megan Waller- “You are so beautiful and nice to everyone.” 

“You are so sweet and kind.” 


Kacey Tran- “You’re so smart, it’s kinda scary.”



Andy Botic- “You are very cute <3.”



ShayLee Hepburn- “I love your hair!”

“You have the prettiest glasses ever and you are the kindest, bestest, friendliest best friend ever!”


Ammalia Walker- “You are super cool, I secretly love your jokes and humor even if they are sometimes scary! 🙂 Also, you’re the most beautiful person ever.”

“If you were a booger, I’d pick you first!” 


Eire Villella- “Ur beautiful.” 



Robert Mendoza- “You are good at basketball.”



Xzaver Luses- “You are great! :)” 



Evan Lindvall- “I wish I was as tall as you.” 



Karan Palacios– “Gorgeous girl.”


Bryan Adams– “You have the most handsome smile.”


“I love your rosy cheeks <3.”


Ember– “U remind me of Gwen.” 


Jasmine Maddeaux- “You are drop dead gorgeous.”



Ava Avanda– “You look stunning.”


Steven Mafa– “Cutie.”


Lillian Neckhorn- “You are totally always truthful.”



Autumn Martin- “You are amazing! I appreciate you a lot.”



Janie Oakey- “I live laugh love you!”



Dilon Kelbaugh- “You are so sweet to everyone.”



Armando Diaz– “You are so handsome and kind.”