Some Demons Sob About Their First Job

Some Demons Sob About Their First Job

Brisney Ibarra






Have you ever wondered what your fellow demon teachers and classmates first job was like and also their crazy stories they had while working there? Well I have, but one funny thing is that I have no job experience, so reading these stories helped me to understand that having a job comes with good and bad things like bonds with your coworkers, getting paid, its time consuming and you get tiring.




“My first job was an apparel associate at Walmart. I personally enjoyed it because I met some great people I still talk to today. My craziest story is when COVID was first huge, we were only allowed a certain amount of people in the store and we kept track by adding a number when someone walked in, and taking away a number when someone walks out. One day I was in charge of that, and to the left of me, some guy was getting arrested for stealing, and then another man comes up to me asking if there is a cop on duty right now. I answered to him, ‘yes but give him a minute, he’s arresting someone’ and this guy starts panicking saying he needs to talk to the cop ASAP, I told him he was busy, and I asked what was going on, and he told me there was a brawl going on in the parking lot. Long story short, there ended up being like 4 cop cars in the parking lot. Crazy day man. It changed me from seeing how crazy people can be, and I learned that they have little to no respect for most workers, and being kind gets you lots of places,” Junior Miriam Tahir said. 

“My first job was bagging groceries and taking groceries to the car for people at a small grocery store.  It was really fun, I got along really well with my co-workers.  One thing I learned is that fuji apples are delicious with Swiss cheese! You should try it.  I also remember getting the little cakes from the bakery department,” Science Teacher Mrs. Dinovo said.




My first job was at Harkins Theater and my experience was really fun. I really don’t know anyone so I don’t really have a funny story yet but now that I got to know my coworkers, I get along with everyone at Harkins. It really changed me because it taught me how to take people’s order and to make new friends at work and to help other people that need my help like answering questions,” Junior Cassidy Hamilton said. 

“My first job was a cashier for the swimming pools for the City of Phoenix. I did this job every summer for 9 years. I made a lot of friends with the people I worked with. Some of these people have gone on to be Assistant City Managers, principals for our district, dentists (one of which I go to), and a judge for a recent high-profile case. A funny story is that my older sister worked at the pools too but at a different one from me. One day a kid comes into my pool and thought I was my sister. He was confused as to how my sister could be in two places at once since he had just seen her at her pool. Since I look like my sister a lot, this happens to me often. So, I just pretended to be her and said they never let me go home,” History Teacher Mrs. Rearick said.





“My first job was babysitting and it was a very fun time. I really love working with kids. My relationship with the parents was great and also with kids as well. I remember always playing games and decorating desserts and pumpkins with the kids. It changed me as a person because it helped me grow and have more responsibilities,” Senior Trinity Mcintosh said. 

“My first job was brutal.  I started working as a dishwasher at 13 years old. It was crazy busy and there was a ton of pressure that was put on me. My mother said that I used to complain about my job because, at the time, I was also playing baseball, and I repeatedly told her that I wanted to quit because I didn’t want to be the only player in the league with dishpan hands,” English Teacher Mr. Morales said.