Greenway Clubs Score the Dubs


Aubriana Cerda


As the bell rings, students begin the walk to their clubs. There’s a lot that needs to be done, and there is also many different types of clubs and activities for different all sorts of interests. Joining a club can have many benefits, such as making friends, getting more interaction with people, and learning new things. One of the most important benefits of clubs is how good they look on college applications. Colleges and universities will take into consideration how much commitment and passion you put into an after school activity depending the club, and the accomplishments you have made.





One example of a great Greenway club is Youth Alive. Youth alive is a Christ based group sponsored by science teacher Ms. Walth. “Quite a few years ago, a student asked me to sponsor youth alive and I’ve been doing it ever since,” science teacher Ms. Walth said. “Youth alive is for early birds as we meet up weekly in the mornings. We talk about what we have learned from the bible which is loving each other,” Ms. Walth said. Ms. Walth said that she tries to get someone to play the guitar and sing so they can worship. “Yeah I have made a lot of friends, there is a lot of amazing and talented people in there and joining a club can form new friendships,” Freshman Logan Halliday said. “We meet up weekly and share our talents, I have created a lot of new friendships.” Halliday said.

If you’re ever looking into spicing up your wardrobe a bit you should definitely look into fashion club. “I agreed to sponsor the fashion club when a former student and some of her friends wanted to start this club,” Language arts teacher Ms. Walp said. Ms Walp had even sewn in her high school years. “Clubs are good for the school, and  helps engages students,” Freshman Ainsile Dunhar said.

Clubs can form new bonds and help students meet new people. Clubs can also do a great job of helping to push students out of their comfort zones. When having thoughts about joining a club it should not feel overwhelming, instead, it should be something fun and something you look forward to doing. It should also be enjoyable for you.

Students can enjoy a break from their studies, develop teamwork skills, and establish a support system. Personal development is one of the most important benefits of clubs. Clubs create new opportunities for students and help them pursue what they find entertaining and enjoyable. The club may even be something they have never found entertaining before. As students start getting more experience with extracurricular activities, they gain leadership skills through activities such as becoming a club president or working together with others in order to complete a task.

All in all, clubs are an overall great experience that help students in numerous ways. Whether students use clubs as a way to get a break from school, create new friendships or even simply in order to enhance a college application, Greenway has many clubs to offer in which every student can find something of interest to them.